My Mom’s Playroom Had A Demon

This is my mother’s story and it’s told from her perspective, in the way she told me and this was also written with her guidance.

When I was a child, I lived in a small town with my parents and younger brother, Jonny. To have you better understand the story, I’ll need to give you a layout of the home I grew up in, the interior’s design had a long hallway, you could walk through the house and pass by all of the rooms downstairs.

The kitchen was at the back of the house, then you’d enter the hallway and firstly there¬†was the bathroom, and then a playroom. The playroom was where me and my brother kept all of our toys.

I was in the kitchen, probably eating a snack or something. My mom was in the living room a few rooms down with my brother, so I was mostly unsupervised.

Once I finished my snack, I started walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom. This is where my memories get a little clearer. As soon as I enter the hall, I noticed that it was frighteningly dark despite the fact it was the daytime.

I felt too frightened to go into the dark bathroom, so I cautiously walked over to the playroom, looking for some comfort from my favorite stuffed bear. I hastily flicked on the lights, half expecting a monster to jump out at me. I then slowly peered into the room, and my eyes widened.

All of the toys were thrown around the room, I instantly thought it looked like Taz from Looney Tunes had ripped through the entire playroom. I began to shake, and for some reason despite my entire body telling me, ‘No, this is bad, get out of here’, I looked up, and instantly regretted letting my curiosity take over.

I screamed at the top of my lungs when the thing came into view, it looked like what had to be a giant black, shadowy mass. The most horrifying thing? There was a grinning, demonic face in the middle, with red eyes that felt like they were staring into my very soul.

My mother heard my screams, by the time she came to find out what was wrong, however. I’d already bolted out of the room, crying. Sadly, this wasn’t the last of my experiences with what I assume to either be the same entity or associated with it.

A few years later after I totally forgot the whole thing, I’m in my young teens and now I guess you could call me the rebellious teenage troublemaker of the family. I skipped school, went to parties, drank alcohol with my friends, I was basically any parent’s nightmare. However, the most peculiar of my activities consisted of seances and messing around with an Ouija board.

There was one night, in particular, that was more frightening than the other previous experiences I had faced. Me and my friends all went to the same youth group at church and knew a way to sneak in when it was closed. So, me and my friends gathered outside at night outside of the church. We entered through an unlocked back door entrance and then we all proceeded into the attic.

We all lit candles, and then held hands. Our seances were always held by one of my friends who always said she could supposedly see…¬†Things, like ghosts and demons. I always believed her, though. She was older than us, and our whole friend group looked up to her.

After a few questions were asked and scares were had, something that truly terrified me happened. The friend leading the seance suddenly turned to me, and her face was full of fright, which instantly made me nervous and confused.

“Hey, everything okay..?” I said, trying to seem as calm as possible. She just stared for a while, before finally replying in a fearful tone. “There is something evil, and it’s been following you for some time, it’s attached to your energy.”

My blood ran cold, and I gulped anxiously, not replying. Was she telling the truth? If she was, why? What did it want with me? I started to try and shake it off as supernatural mumbo jumbo, trying to seem cool I just grinned and replied,

“Yeah, well, tell that Freddy Krueger wannabe to suck it.” The room instantly erupted with laughter, which helped me loosen up and forget that I was even scared, although the thought of the look on my friend’s face when she told me didn’t leave my mind so soon.

A few weeks later, we continued on with our traditions of breaking into our church and doing seances or messing around with the Ouija board.

On one of those nights, we were playing with the Ouija but everything seemed to be going the mild route, we barely got any answers and were beginning to get bored, that was until it was my turn to ask the question.

I asked a simple question that I don’t remember very well, however, what I do remember is how the planchette suddenly gained speed and almost tore itself out of our grasp. My friends began to look frightened, and one of them let go and backed away.

The reply chilled me to my bones, and I almost puked from shock, it read; “Remember me?” It all suddenly came flooding back into my memory, the incident from my childhood.

Everyone was freaked out and we just hastily put the board away immediately after the reply, and we didn’t even say a word to each other as we all just left and went home. I wish I could say that’s where my awful night ended.

I was home now, still scared. I didn’t say anything to my mom and ignored her when she tried to angrily yell at me for being out so late, I just stormed into my room and slammed shut the door.

I hugged my pillow and started crying, I decided that I would try and sleep it off. I shut up all the lights in my room, grabbed my stuffed teddy bear and clutched it close, as I always thought it could protect me.

I closed my eyes, trying to shove all of my fearful thoughts away. However, I soon began to feel that feeling you get when deep down you just know you’re being watched by.. Something. I opened my eyes, blinking as I tried to get my sight adjusted to the darkness as quickly as possible.

I gazed around the room, still hugging my teddy tightly until I spotted a mirror in the corner that I didn’t even remember placing there. Just enough moonlight hit the reflective glass to show me the horrifying image it was displaying.

My teddy’s throat was slit, and his fur was covered in blood and his eyes were torn out, and on the wall behind me the words “He can’t protect you anymore” were on the wall written in the same crimson liquid staining my beloved toy.

I started crying again, feeling my teddy and feeling confused when I didn’t feel any liquid. Despite the warning on the wall, I still believed it could protect me somehow and I hid under the covers and hugged him close to my chest, and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, I began to lose control of my body. The stuffed bear slid out of my arms and my entire body began to feel like it was shifting side to side like I was trying to shimmy through something.

I tried to scream for help, feeling completely helpless and doomed, but for some reason no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make a sound, and soon I began to feel like I was sinking into the bed, and I felt like what could only be described as tiny hands clutching at my night shirt and pulling me further.

Eventually, I somehow broke free from this trance and jumped out of the bed, breathing hard and feeling like I was having a heart attack. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep in my bed that night.

However, despite all of these horrible things that happened I was ignorant still went to the church with my friends one night with the Ouija board and played with it one last time.

Everything seemed to be going as it usually did, and I was actually enjoying some of the scares until one of my friends asked it something dumb like what it’s favorite color was, and the planchette suddenly picked up speed and hastily replied with,

“HA HA HA, we almost had you.”

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