My Mom’s Office is Haunted

My mom works as a secretary at a public health government department. The building where these offices are located used to be part of a public hospital that is still running today; however, the wards and doctor’s offices that used to be there were relocated to a much modern building nearby some years ago.

Several things have happened in that building and most of the people who work there have witnessed these events. For instance, the security guards have caught shadows and flying orbs moving around the building in security camera footage and those who patrol the area always talk of seeing shadows out of the corner of their eye. There is a lady, whose office is at the back of the building and every day exactly at 4:00 p.m. someone knocks on her office door and every time she checks there is nobody in the hallway. It can’t be someone playing a prank because her office is at the very back of an extremely long hallway that has no offices nearby for anyone to hide in and even when she leaves the door open and can look outside she sees no one when the knocking occurs.

My mom has also seen the shadows and orbs and has even been present when the knocking occurrence happens. She tells me that once, a coworker and she were chatting in the break room when suddenly, out of nowhere, her coworker’s hair flew to the side as if someone was holding it and then she saw it fall back on her co-worker’s shoulders. They both packed their things and left. It couldn’t have been an air current because trust me I’ve been there, that room is like a freaking giant cupboard with no windows and the only entrance and exit is a massive and heavy wooden door that I couldn’t open without help until I was like 11.

Mom and her coworkers have also told me about a ghost that often appears around the area near my mom’s current office. They say she looks like a nurse and that she is there because she died while on a shift. I don’t know any other details.

When my sister and I were little, sometimes mom would take us to her office because she didn’t have anyone to take care of us and we were both too young to stay home alone. I was told me that when my sister and I were little we would often talk with someone and we would always play pretend that we were nurses, we were always nurses. Not teachers, not mommies, it was always nurses. They told my sister and me that they were always impressed by how accurate the situations we played were and how we were able to use a lot of nursing terms when we were like five and seven years old. When they asked us how we knew all those things, we would answer that a nice lady had told us all about it. Nowadays, neither my sister nor I remember playing or talking with a lady, but we do remember playing and pretending that we were nurses.

Every time you walk down through certain hallways you get the eerie feeling that someone is following you, and at night this feeling intensifies greatly to the point that there are times you can hear footsteps following you everywhere. I’ve experienced this certain occurrence when once, my mom had to go to her office at night to take care of something and I went along with her. I was walking down in an area that had some old laboratories and where the lab technicians used to store samples, when I heard a faint sound of footsteps. At first I thought they were just the echo of my own footsteps but then they began to get louder and closer. I freaked out so much that I ran to where my mom was and all the way I could swear I could hear the goddamn footsteps running close behind me.

Now that I’m in college, I don’t spend as much time at the office as I did when I was younger, however, I still pop in from time to time to visit since I go to college nearby. Sometimes, I too see glimpses of shadows from the corner of my eye.

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