Mom’s Biggest Secret Lived in the Attic | CREEPY Creature Creepypasta

A Scary Creepypasta Story by rydenanne.

We all have secrets – Some more deadly than others. In rydenanne’s scary short story, a dying father recounts a ghost story to his child. A story of an old attic, a creepypasta monster, and not so everlasting youth. In this story, a ghoul almost as scary as Slenderman haunts his night life, a real monster that seems to hunger for flesh. Enjoy this creepypasta story that would make great for a halloween ghost story! Beware those haunted houses, because they might just have an even more haunted attic.

Mom’s Biggest Secret Lived in the Attic | A Haunting Creepypasta Story by rydenanne. Read more scary stories from this talented author at or read this story here –

Mom’s biggest secret lived in the attic from nosleep

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Real Monster Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep and Written by rydenanne. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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