Midnight McDonald’s Creature

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By MarcoPoco

This short but terrifying experience took place around late September of 2014. Me and some friends were making a night of it at my place, and at around one in the morning, we all had the munchies. We decided to hop in my van and drive over to the McDonald’s that was about two miles down the road.

It had been raining that night just before we left, so the empty streets had that creepy, wet glimmer from the street lamps. It was already an eerie scene. The van’s air conditioner hadn’t worked for months, so I usually drove with the windows down. 

We pulled up to the drive thru. I noticed that there was no one in the parking lot and not a single car in the drive thru. That was fine by me – It just meant we’d get our food more quickly. It is important to note that at this particular McDonald’s there were numerous trees on the right and the restaurant itself to the left when you pulled through. It was almost a forest, but it was too thin to really be that. Just on the other side of the island of trees was a pharmacy, anyway.

We pulled up in front of the menu and waited to be greeted. And waited. And waited. I said hello, trying to get someone’s attention, but no one answered. The guys were telling me to just pull forward and see if they’d meet me at the window. One of them said that, despite the 24 hour sign, that they might be closed for some repairs or something. I doubted that. If anything, this whole situation was kinda fishy.

Just when I decided to go ahead and pull forward to the window, one of my friends said, “Whoa, stop!”. I put my foot back on the brake and turned toward him. “Did you hear that? There’s something growling over there?”

I thought he was joking with me until I turned toward where he was looking and saw glowing yellow eyes next to a tree about five yards away from the van. I could just barely make out a low, steady growl. I assumed it was a dog, so I just rolled the windows on that side up so it didn’t try to climb in or jump at us.

I continued to pull forward, when suddenly, the thing that was behind the tree, ran out of the darkness and beside the van. I only got a brief look at it, but I was entirely sure that it was no dog. It was more size of grown mule, but thin and boney. It’s skin was green and brown with random hairs scattered all over it. I kept my foot on the break – I didn’t want to keep moving just in case my mind was playing tricks on me and this was some kid playing a joke.

We all waited, spooked out of our minds. I kept looking out of the windows to try to find it. The thing must’ve been just below the windows where we weren’t able to see. Then, someone in the back screamed. I looked toward them and saw at the back window, just above the edge of the metal were a set of eyes and horns. Small but pointed horns. The thing was just staring in at us. At the that moment, we all screamed and jumped away from the creature. Then, with a loud screeching noise, the thing took off back into the small patch of trees.

I didn’t hesitate – I just drove back home. It wasn’t worth a big mac staying next to those woods with that weird thing at there. I have no idea what we all saw that night, and we haven’t seen it since. It’s eyes had reptile-like slits in them – I honestly have never seen an animal in real life or on TV that looked anything like. And I hope I never see it again.

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