The Middle School Creeper

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Let me start out by saying, I live in a very small town so stuff like this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it scares you for life. When I was in the ninth grade, I and a group of my friends had a late night summer get together for the last month left of summer before school started again. The way the house we were at was set up was weird. The right side and the front of the house are actually the back yard, and the left side of the house was the drive way and the back of the house was where the road was. There was another house basically in their yard to the right. Also right across her yard, there is another house. since it was designed this way, the only way you would be able to tell exactly what was happening was if you walked over the windows and kind of move to the right so you can see the storage buildings (sheds). The music was in the storage rooms, there was a bonfire in the middle of the yard closer to the neighbor’s house than the house where we were partying and a park straight across from their road. Which is close to the house since it’s the second one on the road.

Anyways, since it was super cold every where but 2 inches from the fire, we decided to head in until we gained some body heat back. This was one of the main things we did at this party if I am going, to be honest. So, the hostess, we can call her Trinity and her best friend, (changing her name as well) Sandy, who lived a road away, yelled into the rambunctious kitchen letting us know they would be at the park.  We roasted marshmallows, laughed, ate hot dogs and enjoyed our time not really noticing that they were gone.

“Um… where are Trinity and Sandy?” someone asked. Panic filled our eyes, anxiety held our hands and we couldn’t help but think the worst while we searched for them. We looked in Trinity’s room, the bathroom, the storage room, the bonfire and Sandy’s house. They were nowhere to be found. Brainstorming what to do before we told her dad, I thought about the park. As a group of 10, we ran as fast as we could to the park.

“Guys get down!” Trinity yelled at us. We were laying on our stomachs in the sand in no time, and we could tell she was scared for her safety. Her eyes were filled with tears. She explained to us that a navy blue Chevy Cruze drove past them while they were walking down the board walk. The car didn’t just drive past them, it stopped and backed up towards them. My friend told me that if they would go towards Trinity’s house, he would do the same. where ever they went, he would go.

We told her that it was probably some coincident or some friend pranking us. We convinced them to stand up, brush their close off and try walking back to her house. As soon as we stood up, he came back. He was waiting for us by the board walk but we didn’t notice it until he turned around. He drove into the parking lot, which was right by where we were. while he was parked, we saw his face. He was at least 45 years old, he looked stronger than us and like he meant business. Living in a small town, you know everyone and everyone’s cousin. But we did not know who this man was.

We ran as fast as we could down the road. half of us went down Sandy’s road and the other half ran past the man knowing he couldn’t kidnap us all. With my luck, he followed my group. Down Sandy’s road and to Trinity’s house. We raced down the road, but we got to Sandy’s neighbor’s house and hid because he drove slowly passed looking for us. luckily it was dark out because he couldn’t seem to find us. he used to the driveway of who ever lived across the street, turned around and went to look for the other kids. We ran as fast as we could cutting across Sandy’s yard getting to Trinity’s.

That wasn’t even the creepy part, When we all finally got back to the house, we sat on the porch and watched out for him. He parked into their neighbor’s house, knocked on their door and asked them about us. He even pointed us out. We sat in horror and sent Trinity to go get her dad. When her dad came out, he left so her dad didn’t think we were in harm’s way, but he believed us and told us to stay in the yard. He also said he was going to bed and to wake him up if anything happened after that.We said okay, and went out to the fire. This grown man waited until The adult went into the house, and then he drove about 2 mph past the house just staring at us. His windows were tinted but we could still see him staring us down. To this day, we don’t know who he is or how he knew where we were. But we had seen him drive past our houses, bus stops and parks time after time. He wasn’t in our community, but around this time a man tried to get my cousin and her friend while they were walking home from the store. Stay alert and if anything happens, report it immediately. Don’t go anywhere alone, and say no to strangers.


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