Mexican monster stories

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This story is my dads. My old man was a poor child living in Mexico City in the 80’s. looking to make some quick cash he was asked to watch his cousins for the night while his aunt a uncle were gone partying or something like that. Well to give some layout of the place his aunt and uncle lived in a small house on the outskirts of mexico city.

So now that is out of the way he put his cousins to bed hoping the night will go smoothly little did he know that night will be one of the scariest night of his life.

Anyway he went up to his aunts room to sleep but right when he was drifting off he heard what sounded like footsteps on the roof jolting him awake he said he thought it was a cat or some small animal but The steps we’re to heavy to be any small animal. Terrified of a house intruder he went to his uncles closet we’re multiple guns were hidden he grabbed a 1911 pistol out of the safe and hurried to wake his cousins up to tell them to hide in the closet while he checked outside for anyone. Know keep in mind my dad was 16 and his cousins were about 8 so he wasn’t afraid to go out side and tell the intruder to “fuck off”. He called the police but since they were farther away from the main city the dispatcher told him it would take about 20 minutes for police to arrive.

But my dad wanting to be a badass he went outside and started yelling that he had a gun and police were on there way attempting to scare them off. So he went checking around the house but whenever he got to the backyard he caught a glimpse of the roof and what he saw he told me terrified him for months and still puzzles him to this day he described to me a extremely hairy huminoid figure with hoofs for feet and a hellish complexion. He wasted no time dropping the gun and sprinting back inside and closing everything praying for the police to come. He told me he was so scared he was crying and shaking next to his cousins in the closet.

Police finnaly arrived searching and taking statements from him and his cousins even though he was telling the truth no one believed him even having a cop telling him he was crazy. Now he’s 38 and living in hill country Texas hopefully safe and far away from whatever that horrid creature he saw while babysitting.


Thank you for letting me share my dads story of a true Mexican monster – Alex

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