McDonald’s Bathroom Creeper

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Just some information, I’m a 15 year old from Scotland and this experience has really shaken me for the past year. This guy was never caught.

My friends and I were having a great day out for my best friend, let’s call him Kyle, for his birthday. A day filled with getting kicked out of multiple stores for silly behaviour, like Primark and Paperchase. So, after an evening of mostly drinking Red Bull and Rock Star, we got really hungry and decided to go to a McDonald’s not to far away from the mall we were in.

It was around 11 pm when we entered the restaurant and the first thing we noticed is that it was extremely empty, apart from this one guy sitting in a booth in the far right corner, just staring. It was freaking me out but no one else in my group seemed to have the same red flags as I did, so I just ignored him. The man had long, black, greasy hair and was wearing clothing I could only describe as tramp like.

Me and my friends ordered our food and claimed the both closest to the entrance of the McDonald’s, I was really regretting drinking all those energy drinks and I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I told Kyle were I was going and went to the bathroom.

I identify as gender-fluid even though I was born a girl, I was feeling very masculine that day so I went into the men’s rest room and went inside a cubicle.

After about a minute I hear the door to the bathroom open, it was opened very quietly I noticed so I definitely knew it wasn’t any of my mates as they would slam open the door like it was nobody’s business. I remained quiet as I heard this person walk up to my stall and just stand there. I was finding it difficult to breathe as I was panicking. Then they did something I didn’t expect.

They leaned down to the floor and LOOKED INTO MY STALL.

I screamed and he gave me this creepy smile and said, “Nice body you have there, I would-” I din’t let him say anything else as I threw open the stall door causing him to fall back onto his side and grunt. I pulled up my jeans and ran.

My friends looked at me concerned and asked me if I was the one that screamed, then I saw the man sprint out the exit to McDonald’s and down the street. I explained what happened and they thought I should tell the police or something, but I have a terrible memory and couldn’t remember the guy’s face.

I still can’t believe this happened to me, it just proves that nowhere is safe. So by writing this I’m explaining to everyone why you have to be alert and DON’T IGNORE RED FLAGS.

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