Manchester bombing

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The day i nearly got blew up..

First off all am a male 19 my girlfriend 20 am not saying names for privacy so am a and my girlfriend is k

Me and k was entring the venue of the ariana grande concert, we was on the lower level, it was k’s birthday present as it was her 20th the week before, the venue was full of young people the show was on and me and k noticed a women on her own looking dodgy but we didnt think anything about it, as the show was ending there was a massive explosion and then loads of screaming girls and boys,

My ears were ringing after it i honestly though i was bloons being popped until we say smoke and a lot of blood, everyone ran out screaming shooting as me and k was running out i saw a little girl with blood and human flesh on her back lucky she was alright so we helped her out and helped her find her big sister, we found her luckly.

When we finaly got out side it was like a war scene blood everywere, crying people who was injured and people screaming for there loved ones, the was armed police and fire department and ambulances everywhere.

We got to my car about 45-60 minutes later and me and k had human flesh on our clothing and blood on our clothing

Luckly we got home safe and sound still after all theres months i cant sleep every time i close my eyes i live it again and again i am currently in therapy…. last word to say fuck isis you selfish bellend taking loved ones from there family and friends

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