The Man with the SOFT TEETH – Creepypasta

Are you ready for this gross story and brilliantly scary creepypasta story?

Author iia of unsettling stories .com brings us another body horror creepypasta story that will give you trypophobia and nightmares, hoping that you don’t get sleep paralysis and start seeing strange creatures and weird monsters in the night. It is the story of a strange man who has Soft Teeth. This is a gross story, a weird story beyond the ages that you just have to hear. Tonight, I bring you this scary story or ghost story from reddit no sleep about bad teeth and real monsters. Enjoy!

Background footage courtesy of skymountain from!

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at and Kevin Macleod at


The Man with the Soft Teeth – A Scary Creepypasta Monster Story by iia of

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