Man in the campsite

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This story happened just a year ago, in summer. I am now 14.

Some backstory on this –
My older sister has a part-time job as a camp counselor, in Lithuania (where we live), and she invited me to visit it, at least once. I didn’t really want to go there, since it was a camp for vegetarians, but I wanted to spend some time with my sister and few other friends that were going there too.

And now the camp’s area’s plan to not get confused –
The tent site was around 200-150 meters away from the entrance, so it wasn’t actually inside the camping area. The tent site was divided into 2 zones – girl’s zone and boy’s zone. Right at the entrance were toilets, sinks and showers. Turning left will lead you to fireplace, game area, food station and etc.; which were around 100 meters far from entrance. With all this, you can see that action happened pretty far from where people were in the day time usually.

Now the story-
First 2 days nothing really much happened. At night I only heard few branches snapping or leaves rustling, but I think that those were caused by squirrels or some other small animals. At the third day, I got really bored and pissed because I didn’t have anything to do and got hungry for meat dishes, so I went back to tent site. It’s actually not good to go there, since all counselors wants kids to stay at game area or go to help in the kitchen with lunch. But, being the edgy and angry girl I was at the time, I didn’t listen to them and went back to my tent.

I lied down and started to read a book I took there, but then I got distracted by someone rustling in another tent, further from me. At first I thought that it might’ve been a female counselor searching for something, but the rustling continued for around 5 more minutes. I got eager to peek at someone who was there for some reason, so I zipped down the tent entrance and poked my head out to look at the direction of the person. It was a clear daytime, so I saw who was actually there. It was a man.

Well, maybe he’s a male counselor too? But no. All counselors have these colorful uniforms and boots to be recognized with, but this man wore camo pants with a leather jacket. I think that he heard me zipping the tent, because he stopped rustling and crawled backwards out of the tent. I quickly got back into mine and zipped up the entrance. I was breathing pretty heavy, s I covered my mouth with my hand. Then I heard footsteps. They were coming right at my direction. But I think that he didn’t know where I was, since between the man and my tent, were 2 other tents too.

Then I saw a shadow walking right past my tent too, and it carried a fucking axe. I mean, not even a hatchet, but a big axe dedicated for tree cutting. Thanks to the gods, he went past my tent too. I waited few more minutes and zipped the entrance just a little bit, just enough to see some surroundings. There were only trees and tents left, so I quietly zipped the rest of the entrance, and stepped out. I didn’t see anyone around, so I went to check the path the man walked. There were some boot prints on moss. They were male, since they were really big. I checked the tent he was in and all the clothes of a girl that owned this tent were scattered inside. Her backpack was unzipped and the entrance was left open too. I don’t think that the girl left her clothes like this by herself…

I ran to the fireplace as fast as I could and told the councelors of what I saw. We hurried there and I showed them the boot prints and the tent. The owner of the tent said that few of her underwear clothes were missing. Even after what happened, councelors still wanted for us to stay in the camp and asked us not to call parents yet. They also made sure that every kid was now in their sight.

I didn’t leave my sister that week anymore, because I was scared shitless of a possible pedophile or even worse that was walking in this camp.

Gladly, we all left safe, nobody saw the man again and nobody had their personal stuff missing.

I’m never going back to that camp again, and even my sister said that they changed the campsite’s location, closer to the forest exit.

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