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This happened about two years ago. My friends, we’ll call them Pete and Joe, were spending the week at my house. After all, it was summer vacation.

I live in a small town in west Tennessee. There were plenty of fields around where I lived so we usually went out hiking.

It was getting late, we had just finished watching some horror films and were having trouble sleeping. That’s when Joe had the bright idea of going to a nearby field for a hike. I told him we weren’t aloud to go hiking there at night but he didn’t care. Pete wasn’t so sure at first, but eventually they both talked me into going. My parents were fast asleep so it was easy sneaking out.

Now we had never been to this field at night. We were aware of coyotes so so I brought my machete just in case. As soon as we entered the field we immediately got the feeling we were being watched. We decided to ignore it and the feeling just went away. About twenty minutes later, we stopped to take a break. Pete and Joe decided to sit down for a little bit. I didn’t though, I got that same feeling again. As if we were being watched or even worse, hunted.

I decided to go to a nearby hill so I could lookout over the field. It wasn’t too dark due to the fact it was a full moon and we were in a large open field. At the time, this field was growing wheat. The wheat grew to about my waste. So anything I spotted could easily slip away into the wheatgrass.

At first, I didn’t spot anything. But after a few minutes I spotted something horrifying. I saw these bright yellow eyes. Just about 100 yards away. I nearly jumped when I saw them. Remember what I said about the wheatgrass being to my waste? Well I was about 5’7″ at the time, and these eyes were easily four feet above the wheatgrass. I knew whatever it was, it was tall. I was so scared I couldn’t move. Shortly after, Pete and Joe came up the hill to see what I was doing. One look at my face and they knew something was wrong. Joe asked, “What’s wrong?”. I couldn’t speak, all I could do was point at those awful yellow eyes. After a few seconds of looking, they both saw what I was staring at. We all just stood there, motionless. When all of the sudden, the eyes disappeared under the wheatgrass. As if this creature were now crawling. We immediately turned around and ran.

We ran so fast It all seemed like a blur. We didn’t even know if this thing was chasing us. But we were NOT waiting around to find out.

When we finally got to the end of my street we all stopped to catch our breath, assuming we were safe. But we were wrong.

Just then, we heard the loudest, deepest, hair-raising howl I’d ever heard. Then we heard panting and loud footsteps. As if a bear were running towards us. We turned and ran down the street until we were next to my house. Then we did something srupid, we looked back. And what I saw still haunts me to this day.

It was pretty close so I saw could see it perfectly. It had stopped under a streetlight about 50 yards away. But it was standing on two legs. It had a muscular torso like a human. It has muscular dog-like legs. It’s arms were long and it had very sharp claws. It had the head of a wolf. And It was covered in black fur. It just stood there watching us.

We couldn’t take it anymore and ran inside. When we got inside we locked all doors and windows. There was one last window I had to lock upstairs. But I was nervous because this window had a perfect view of where the creature was standing. I eventually built up the courage and go to the window. While I was locking it, I couldn’t help but look down at the street. And it was still there. The scary thing is it was already looking up at me. I ran and told Joe and Pete and then we all went upstairs to look at it. But it was gone by then. We didn’t sleep that night.

The next day we told my parents what happened. But of course, the only part of the story they heard was the part where we snuck out at night. Pete and Joe went home and I was grounded. Anyone else we told didnt believe us. But I know what I saw, and I will NEVER go to that field at night again.

Like I said, It’s been two years. And I just recently started going back to that field for hikes. But every now and then I get that same feeling, like I’m being watched.

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