Lyft perv

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Picture a 22 year old girl only 5 foot 6 inches well that’s me and I’ll say I’m weak

It was a Tuesday night and I needed a way to get home so a got a lyft and I soon wished I hadn’t

As soon as I got into this dudes car I had red flags popping up everywhere it was smelling of urine and feceas this dude just said my name and said my home address so I just said “yeh that’s me” this journey was the longest 13 minutes of my life as he did not speak the whole journey home but as soon as I paid him he touched my wrist and said “ooohhh very strong wrists” and winked at me,

I was taken a back by this comment but just awkwardly laughed it off and walked into my home, this was soon interrupted my a knock at my door, it was him the lyft driver and he looked me up and down and said “yesss this will be good” he then forced inside my home and tried to grab me, I dodged this and asked him to stop but he just ignored me, I knew what was happening but I suddenly had an idea, I ran to my kitchen and grabbed a huge kitchen knife and I shouted “get out now !!!!” He immediately backed off and ran to his car and drove off.

This experience has changed me as a person and has inspired me to get a drivers liscense

Lyft creeper lets not meet again.

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