Lyft App Glitch

By DNCEshowercurtain36

I installed the lyft app but I haven’t used it very often. So this story happened not that long ago.

I went to bed at midnight and I could’ve sworn I charged my phone. When I was asleep, I heard the knock on the door. When I woke up, it was only 1:36 am.

So I wondered how could anyone be knocking on the door at 1:36 am.

I tried to find my phone and it wasn’t plugged but it was on the floor then I answered the door and the lyft driver told me he was waiting for me for 10 minutes. I was confused and asked him what he was waiting for and he told me to come to the car and I told him I didn’t request for a ride and he asked me am I sure and I said yes. He proved it to me and it had my information.

I told him the app must been hacked. After discussing about what happened, he left.

I deleted the lyft app and I turned on the swipe code so that it will less likely to happen again. I wondered someone hacked in to the app or it was a glitch or it was a paranormal activity. Fortunately, it never happened again.


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