Little People

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I’m a First Nations woman from Canada. I’m from a reservation in Saskatchewan called “Pasqua First Nation”. I am currently 30 years old. This “incident” I will call it, happened when I was 14 years old. After all these years I still remember it because of how creeped out I was.

I have a friend named Amy. Amy was my best friend at the time. Her mom talked a lot about “little people” that lived outside in the bush or fields. And how sometimes they would find their way inside the house if the did not leave offerings outside. I always noticed a tree stump in the back yard, near the fire pit. It often had a plate of some sort of food. Amy had two dogs. And anyone that is from a reservation or been on one know how greedy dogs are. I noticed her dogs were greedy and always were begging for food, but they never touched the plate of food.

Another thing I noticed is cigarettes placed in weird places outside and inside. Places like on the floor in the corners or in trees. Amy’s mom would often misplace things and blame “little people” for taking them. She said they would take things if you didn’t leave an offering on a plate outside or fresh cigarettes here and there. She says they took batteries, cutlery, lighters, jewelry, keys, reading glasses and sometimes packs of cigarettes. I thought “wow! This woman is crazy! Does she not know that Amy steals cigarettes and she probably just misplaced some items and blames little people!”

One night I decided to camp over at Amy’s. I liked staying there because Amy’s mom left us alone and we were able to smoke cigarettes in the basement when ever we pleased. Since Amy’s bedroom was in basement and she never came down to check on us. She also smoked cigarettes in the house so she couldn’t tell what we were doing in basement. I always thought Amy’s mom was crazy until that night.

Amy and I stayed up pretty late chill-en out in her room. Listening to Tupac and talking about school. Just pretty much what teenage girls do.

We decided to hit the hay. Amy slept in her bed and I slept on a single mattress on the floor right beside a couch in her room. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to use the washroom. After using washroom I got back into the bed on floor. I didn’t feel so tired anymore and decided to have a cigarette. My stuff was on the couch right beside my bed. I grabbed the pack in my sweater and caused my socks to come rolling off the couch and hit me in the face. I rolled them into a ball when I took them off. I grabbed them annoyed and threw them back at couch. I lit a smoke and laid back down.

The bedroom wasn’t too dark. There was a light on in the hall and came through the cracks of the door. And the alarm clock also gave off some light. Anyways as I took a drag of my smoke, when all of a sudden, my socks that I wrapped in a ball, came flying at my face! I just laid there blinking in shock. I couldn’t believe what just happened and didn’t know how to react. I just stared at the couch next to me thinking what threw those?

I could see my sweater on the couch. All of a sudden a white figure stood up on the couch behind my sweater. It was like a foot tall. Maybe it was smaller cause it could have been standing on some other junk on the couch. But the white figure just stood there. I couldn’t move or talk. I just laid there frozen with cigarette in hand still. Suddenly the white little figure jumped off the couch and into my bed and under my covers! I was finally able to move and started screaming my head off! I could feel that creepy thing running under my blankets down my leg. I jumped out of that bed so quickly. I also threw the smoke.

 The light quickly turned on not long after i jumped out of bed. It was Amy. She was looking tired rubbing her eyes asking and wondering what was wrong.  Amy’s mom came into the bedroom looking frantic and asking what happened? I told them what happened. Amy’s mom looked worried and asked Amy in a stern voice “did you put the offering outside”? Amy said no she had forgot. Amy’s mom’s face went to a relief look and said “oh its just little people. They come in the house to steal things if we don’t leave an offering outside or fresh cigarettes.” She just turned and went back upstairs. Just acted like nothing happened. Even Amy was acting like it was no big deal. I couldn’t sleep there I called my mom to pick me up. I never stayed at Amy’s overnight ever again.

 Amy’s mom always said cause I seen that “little person” I would have luck all my life. I don’t know how true that is but I hope to never see or feel one again.


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