Little Girls

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My name is Hannah I’m 14 years old and  I live with my mom, siblings, and cats. I’m into all the paranormal… ghost… unnatural things. This happened about 2 years ago in July, my mom was having a 4th of July party and it was getting late so she sent us to bed. She had kissed us all goodnight me, my brother, and my sister.

For this story I’ll call them John and Sarah. At the time Sarah and I shared a room while my brother had his own. I tend to stay awake longer during the night.

So I was watching a movie on my phone, then all of a sudden it started to glitch. At first I thought it was just Wi-Fi or something was messing it up. So I ignored it and turned my phone off then closed my eyes and tried to sleep. The moment I closed my eyes I felt something sit on my bed. I know it wasn’t fake because when I sat up my sister, Sarah, was already looking at me. She asked me, ” Hannah do you see that.” At first I thought she was messing with me because we all play pranks on each other. So I played it off as a joke and said ” Yes Oh My God”.

But I seen her face, she was pale and looked like she was about to cry. So I looked into the corner of the room and there it was. Some little girl was just standing there. She had her hand out trying to reach out and tried saying something but before she could she disappeared. So I looked at my sister, confused, she looked at me and without saying anything we ran down stairs.

Both of us out of breath, trying to tell what had happened. By this time everyone went home. My mom was getting ready to go to sleep. As she seen the looks on our faces she asked questions like “what happened”, “Can you explain”. So we did and she looked around and there was nothing. It was about a week later when it started again.

But it was tords my brother John. We hadn’t told him anything about that night. What he told us will haunt us for the rest of our lifes. He had told us that he had seen a little girl in his closet. This time she told him that she wanted to play and of course being 6 we thought it was an imaginary friend and thought nothing of it. Curious we asked her name he said Autumn but she’s not here to hurt us she just wants Sarah. So we changed subjects by saying it was bed time so we had tucked him in.

As we leave he stared to stare at the end of the bed and smiled. So I head to bed and say good night to Sarah making sure she was asleep.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when I felt someone standing there in front of me so I open my eyes and there was nothing there but when I look at Sarah she was sitting straight up looking in the corner next to her bed. What happens next will never be forgotten. She screams on the top of her lungs. The blood curtailing scream was horrible. It happened for about 2 minutes. Then stops all was quiet and she just laid down like nothing happened.

I couldn’t sleep so morning came around and I tried to act normal but how…how do you act normal after that?

So I asked Sarah if she was ok but when we made eye contact she didn’t look like herself she was…lifeless…dark. So my mom and brother noticed that Sarah was acting weird. Flash forward a couple of days my mom had made her favorite dinner but nothing. So my mom had asked whats wrong still nothing.

This is when everything went down hill. My mom asked if Autumn was ok…Sarah looked at her and smiled. Sarah was acting normal like the happiest kid you’ll ever see which was weird how do you go from sad to happy in less then 1.5 seconds.

We haven’t looked at her the same way since. It’s been a couple of months and we have heard a couple things about Autumn. Things have gone missing, I’ve gotten random texts like do you miss me sissy…or I like laying next to you. Which is weird as it is but my sister has not been herself even since. My brother still plays with Autumn, and I still get weird feelings around my sister or in my room. We had moved sense then and we all have our own room now and I still get chills, random voices, and texts from random numbers.

Not a lot has changed.

Thank you and never let your imaginary friend be more then that.

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