Late night walk through the alley

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My friends and I usually have crazy sleepovers, we are constantly trying to one-up every sleepover, from nearly dieing of cardiac arrest because we wanted to make sword out of soda cans, to nearly burning down a tree during new years, to what I am about to tell all of you now.

I decided to host a sleepover with whoever would be able to stay. By arround 4, all of my friends started to arrive. First my friend, Mickays. To protect their identities, I’ll just use nicknames, then Lyneé, then Ry, then Lills. For the first few hours, we had dinner, walked to Bosa, a doughnut shop here in Arizona. Then went  home and hung out, contemplating what we would do to beat all of the other sleepovers.

By 10 o’clock, Mickays was out and Lills was half asleep. We where on the cement wall that blocked my backyard from the alleyway. We where just talking when I had the bright idea to take a walk through the alleyway to my neighbourhood. Ry and Lyneé agreed. we would wait for my mom to go to sleep, then we would hop my back yard wall.

4 hours later, we where confident enough to go out. Lills would look out for us in case they woke up to check on us or take a smoke, as we where just taking a short walk, this would be verry unlikely, but if we where to get cought, I would be grounded for ages.

We are equipped with pocket knives and flashlights, since there is 3 of us and we are all females, we would rather be safe than sorry, one of us would have our backs, one would keep watch in front, and one would have a phone with a friend who knows what is going on. I would be in front, Lyneé would be in the middle with the phone, and Ry would watch our backs.

We finally hopped over the wall, and decided to take the long way arround. we had our lights on, knives and phone in hand we walked through the alleyway with one of our best friends on speeker phone. As we got closer to the end of the alleyway, we saw this middle aged man with a bag. walking to one of the garbage cans. in a panic, I whisper-yelled  “put the flashlights down and shut up” we where only a few yards away from the trash can. The man looked arround everywhere, then put the bag into the garbage can.

This was odd in many different ways, you could go through a gate from your backyard to throw something away. This man could have thrown it away inside his house as well with another trash can. When he walked away, we ran the other way back into the alley. Lyneé was explaining what just happened to our friend on the phone. Then Ry shushed us, there was another man who was at the other side of the alley, this man had 2 trashbags that where not verry full. we hid behind the massive garbage bins. We where totally oblivious to the fact that the man was looking behind every single garbage bin. He looked behind the bin that we where behind. He dropped his bags and pilled his knife. our fight or flight instinct kicked in, instead trying to fight this man in his mid 20’s, we ran for our lives. this man decided to chase us, our friend on the phone had to go to the bathroom and left the phone in their room. we ran about half a block with this man trying to catch up to us. We turned the corner onto my street, there is this guy who lives a few houses down from me who has a crap ton of trees and shrubbery. we dove into the trees and waited for the guy to pass. Fortunatley he did just that. after he was out of sight, we ran to my house and didnt say a word to our friend on the phone. Lills was asleep and I thankfully had my keys, unlocked the screen door and regular door. we didnt get cought, but we sure as hell are not going to take a walk through the alleyway at 2 in the morning again.

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