My Last Fishing Trip

My Last Fishing Trip


This happened to my Aunt Donna, my brother Eric and I one late one summer day. I have to say this, since this happened we have not been back to this place fishing.

It was summer, school was out and Eric and I were bored outta our minds. Our parents had divorced and at the time we were living with our grandmother and aunt Donna. We loved living with them because we always got our way.

We were outside mopping around when Eric says that he thinks going fishing would be a good idea right now. I smile and say Ok let’s go ask Donna to go. So we find her tell her our idea and she agrees. Fishing would be a great idea and that night we could come back and have a fish fry outside.

We run to gather all our things and Donna helps us load it all into the four wheeler. I jump on the back, Eric gets on the front rack and Donna is the driver. We set out. Now where we live we don’t have to go very far maybe about an hour to what we call The Gully Hole. I have no idea where the name came from but it was a sandy river bank with a little pond of water that the river had created. Honestly it’s quite beautiful and peaceful there but in order to get there we have to ride one hour beside the train tracks. Did we care at the time? No way, it was our favorite spot to fish.

We get there and set up our poles. Everything is going great but me getting impatient gets up and starts collecting sea shells. I wade in the river away from Donna and Eric. All my attention is on the water looking down in the sand to find odd shells. Without knowing it I get pretty far away from them and when I look up to the other side of the river I see something.

Whatever I’m looking at is on two legs walking like a man but it’s hairy like a bear. I couldn’t quite make it out because it kept to the shadows and behind trees. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder sending me ten feet into the air with fright but I don’t scream. It’s Eric and he must have seen this thing to for him to have came to where I was. We stare at this thing for a while. I ask him what does he think it could be and he shakes his head and tells me he doesn’t know.

This thing must have been getting impatient because it started to throw rocks at us. There was no way the rocks could hit us being all the way across the river but it clearly wanted us to go away. My brother gets the idea that maybe we should back up and go back up the shore a little ways. I agree and we make our way back but we don’t take our eyes off this thing.

No sooner do we make it back to where Donna is and this thing comes out. It comes out to the river bank and we see it as clear as day. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Donna was in complete shock looking at this thing. It walks to the river bank, bends down and starts to drink water. I look over at my brother but he’s gone.

I start looking around for him. Then I find him a couple yards down river but he has his rifle aimed right at this thing. I panic and start running toward him. He’s getting ready to shoot when I jerk the gun away from him causing him to miss his shot. The gun goes off and falls to the ground.

You can hear the shot echoing around us and I can see Eric is mad. I look toward where the creature was but it’s gone and I feel relieved. Then we hear Boom Boom Boom, something was hitting something. We look around as this beating sound starts to slowly grow all around us. Boom, boom, boom. It was behind us, in front of us, beside us at this point. I was scared.

Without saying a word my brother picks up the gun and we hightail it back to Donna where she had all ready started packing everything up. It doesn’t take long to throw everything back into the four wheeler. We get on and as we are turning around we hear something running in the woods all around us. I scream Go Go Go please go get me out of here and at this point I’m crying like a two year old. Donna throws the gas to the four wheeler nearly losing me and we go like a bat out of hell down the train tracks.

We get home and we tell our grandma what happened. She sits all three of us down and tells us that it’s quite an unbelievable story and that we probably saw a bear or mountain lion. We look at each other in silence. We all three agree that if we go telling people about what we saw and saying it was Bigfoot that people would think we were crazy. So for years this story hasn’t been even spoke of until now. I know what we saw that day and it was real. No matter what anyone says Bigfoot is real and I hope I never see him again.


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