Large Shadow Before Storm

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This story took place when I was young. Not super young, but young enough for me to barely remember this experience- maybe between 6 and 8 years old. I have always been interested in and attuned to the paranormal.

Though I don’t have many face-to-face encounters, I often predict what will happen within a week through my dreams. Even details as close to a word that keeps repeating in my dreams that someone will eventually say. When I was little I would be even more like this- I would dream more lucidly, predict more often, but I’m not happy to admit that I would have sleep paralysis, dreams of specters around my house, and hear things that others couldn’t.

Last year, I’ve even had one of my intense childhood dreams predict me moving my room into where it is today.

This is very strange because it used to be a storage room (located in the basement), barely defined by walls, and I would predict some very specific details of this. I rarely see anything paranormal outside of my dreams that feels threatening but this experience, possibly my first, will always stay with me.

This experience took place when me and my four siblings were at home by ourselves right before a storm started. They were all focused on some chore and told me to go outside to bring in the toys that we had played with earlier. The storm clouds were rolling in and the wind was blowing like crazy.

I felt cold, sprinkling rain touch my skin so I knew I had to work fast to get inside before it started into a full out rain.

Our backyard is very large compared to the other houses in the area and I was standing in the back part of it. The wind began to pick up as I was almost done. I looked back to the house and saw something toward the side of our house.

I thought it was our neighbor until I thought to myself “why would our neighbor be creeping along the side of our house?” There weren’t any windows on that side for him to look into and he wouldn’t have any need to do that anyway. The figure was also too tall and buff to be our neighbor. It took me a while to realize how tall it actually was.

As a child I even knew it was way taller than my neighbor so this thing had to be about 6 and a half feet tall.

From where I was I couldn’t see any features either, it looked like he or it was wearing all black. Recalling the experience it seemed that its entire body was completely black. After what felt like an eternity staring at it, it walked to the front of the house.

I ran in through the back door as fast as I could and didn’t even get my siblings to come with me.

I sprinted to the front windows to see if it was still there. It couldn’t have been more that 15 seconds from when I last saw it, it should have been in my front yard- or at least still in view point from my windows… but it wasn’t. It completely vanished. I tried to tell my siblings what I saw but none of them believed me. This annoyed me so much because I looked at it way too long for this to just be a figment of my child-like imagination.

I just ate dinner and everyone went on like normal but I thought about it for the rest of the day until I had to go to bed.

When I was little, I always called it a werewolf. Maybe I knew what I saw when I saw it or maybe I just hadn’t seen anything like it on television before. I am very into the paranormal and if I had to take a guess of what it is from what I remember, I would say that I saw a shadow person.

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