Lac Wendigo

This story was inspired by our scary experience in Algonquin Park, Canada, where we got stuck on a road called Lac Wendigo.

My family and I were camping up North for some time. But sadly after 6 days we had to leave.
It was early in the morning when we left, about 8:00.

I was with 3 people. My mother Cindy, and my 2 cousins Sheryl and Samatha.

As we were driving, my mother, being the outdoorsy type, wanted Sheryl to drive through her favourite place, Algonquin Provincial Park.

It was simply gorgeous. I was eight the last time I went, so I hadn’t remembered it much.

I was too busy taking photos to realize Sheryl had turned down a road with the name Lac Wendigo.

It was quite a narrow road. We stopped a few times to have a snack and take some pictures.

“I’ve got to turn around.” Sheryl said as she looked for a wide spot to turn. The only problem was there was nothing but a narrow path. She ended up having to unhook her trailer and back up until she could turn around.

In the meantime blackflies and deerflies swarmed her car. It got so bad that we had to roll the windows up. Even then all you could hear was tapping on the glass from the flies ramming into it.

Sheryl was finally able to turn her car around, but she had to back up to get the trailer. Both Sheryl and Samantha were panicking. Their faces both filled with dread.

Everyone got out of the car when we drove to the trailer. We turned it around and hooked it up. Then I heard Sheryl curse under her breath as we got back in.

All for of us got out of that place rather quickly. Though, as we were exiting I got the feeling I was being watched. So I looked back, and behind me stood something I’d never forget.

There was a tall creature, that looked like a moose, but it was standing on its hind legs. It looked at me so… angerly. ┬áThe creature stared at me with white glowing eyes and a wide killer smile.

I don’t remember much of it because I felt like I had blacked out. But it still haunts my nightmares to this day.

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