I Know That was No Manatee

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If my name sounds familiar thats because i shared my bigfoot story to this channel before. This encounter has chilled me to the bone, because it was not just me who was there to see the creature, my dad was there with me too.

in 2012 i was dealing with a lot of depression. It got so bad that had had to be hospilitized for to two weeks. when i got out my dad set aside work and told me “lets go fishing”. That made me happy, that he took time from work to help me and spend time with me. We got in his truck to get some worms from walmart then we headed to tomoka state park. Funny fact we even drove past that trail were i had my skunk ape encounter, but by dad had a 9mm hand gun so i didn’t give a second thought besides, my dad was spitting funny one liners about the locals like ” that guy is wearing so much camo that he got lost”.

We parked the truck and walked down to the river bed. I took off my shoes and socks to wade into the water for a better cast. This was a stupid move on. The tomoka river is infested with alligators and one could have easily taken me down. my dad actually followed me in. We casted our lines and just played the waiting game. After ten minutes what really got my attention was the lack of aquatic activity. The forest was alive with sounds and such but the water felt like a stagnant water gathering.

There were no ducks or boats or even a minnow, just all life just sealed to show. This really stuck with me. About an hour later my dad had noticed two grey humps about twenty five yards off the shore. “Wow a manatee couple in december?” my asked. It was a cool sight for about to seconds. Immediately, those two humps morphed into one. Freaking one!! that made this “manatee” nearly twenty five feet long. My dad and i looked at each other almost in perfect symphony. I looked back trying to classify this creature. “I gator?”. No way, no gator could be this big. Plus there were no scales.

Then it started to swim towards me and i saw the head. The head was like a evil seal/manatee like shape with tiny black eyes. I started to run but since i was still in the water, I obviously had to trip in the water like some cheesy horror movie cliche. Then my dad picked up by the shirt run to the truck threw all the gear in the bed at did 90 in a 25 zone. I sat there crying and soaking wet while my dad was there just telling me to calm down.

The swamp is a place of nightmares I never go out with my knife ever anymore.

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