KFC Horror

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This Story takes place at a KFC that I’m not familiar with it all started when me and family were coming back from the beach and I was straving and so after having an argument with my siblings we finally decided to go to KFC once their there were only 2 more people there since it was pretty late so first we ordered our food then sat down but before that I had to wash my hands so I got up and went to bathroom ,I was the only one
there after being done I jumped when I heard the toliet seat go down violently but there was no one there and I had never went in there first I checked for feet but no feet were found I got out of there once out there I sat back down but while I was eating the creepiest thing happened just about a minute I got the bathroom someone else came out but I had just checked for someone the person looked so pale but with grayish look on his face and ripped pants,all he did was stared at me and didn’t stop,I was too scared to tell anybody the person walked out and walked back into the bathroom but without giving me a simile before he left I was scared who was that or what was that after that I had greasy hands but refused to use the bathroom, good thing this KFC is 3 hours away from where I and will never go there now a year has passed and I still won’t forget the simile of the person.

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