KFC horror story the chicken head but nugget. I was a 26 year old male soldier in the United States Special Forces community one day I decided to go to KFC to get their famious potato bowl but this day decided to opp for some chicken tenders…well I also high! Ok I’ll admit I was f-ckd up on k2 , spice or Synthetic canibiods while enjoying my tasty treats! I then noticed about half way through my meal something odd!! Looking back at me “now I am half black and love chicken I’m southern born n rasied!! ” I saw a burnt crispy breaded fried chicken HEAD!!! The eye was black and breaded. There was beak and even the read little thingy on its head Fried!! I ALMOST PUT IT IN MY MOUTH AND NOTICED THIS black burnt Fried chicken eye ball looking at me!! I threw it across the room and started to vomit uncontrollably as I didn’t know what other chicken parts I’d had eaten. But after U see a face looking at u in your meal u freak out it’s terrifying thinking some jerk put it there as a joke or what ever I was NOT Amused!! It sat in the corner of my barracks room for over a month before I decided to take a another look at it. All the time EVERYONE stopped eating KFC at ft Bragg in my company because of this. I still have PTSD from the trauma. Ive been to war it’s not as frightening as this incident was to me . ..Because I can’t eat chicken with out thinking about the head of chicken in my food.. I’m in therapy for PTSD and this is part of the reason… look at food before U find it looking at YOU! PLS TAKE CAUTION