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It’s beginning to become a common occurance when it comes to bad things happening to me. I’m only 18 now, But this story takes place about a year ago- making me 17.

Now, i live in a fairly small town. Everyone knows everyone here, it’s not a rare occurance to bump into your friends at the grocery store and such. Due to my town being so small, there’s only one kfc in my town. I used to stop there everyday after school to pick up some food, i usually would bring my best friend along with me. We’d stop there to eat, work on some homework, talk about boys. You know, just the average stuff. But there were also times where my best friend- We will just call her Kay, couldn’t join me.

Now, on this particular day, Kay couldn’t join me because she had to go straight home to deal with family stuff. I was pondering the idea of just heading home aswell, but my growling stomach really convinced me otherwise. Like always, i drove to kfc. The kfc was abnormally empty this day, there were probably two other people there and that’s it. I walked in and the smell of bleach instantly burned my nostrils. I shrugged this off and thought that maybe i walked in right when they were cleaning. I noticed there were only two workers there too. A cook, and a man running the cash register. This man looked to be around 40 or 50, I couldn’t really tell for sure. His beard was scraggly and grey. He didn’t come off as the nicest person, but who was I to judge. I placed my order, but as i told him what i’d wanted to eat, he’d been eyeing me intensely. like, i was some puzzle and he was winning a million dollars to solve me. I shifted nervously on my feet until my food was ready, and took it to the farthest table i could find. I’m not an anti social person at all, in fact i’m very extroverted. so for me to feel nervous like that was very, very odd. I tried to finish my food as much and as quickly as i could, but i felt nausea take over me. Weird, i thought. But no red alarms went off in my head, not yet.

I left the kfc with a lump in my throat. Even after exiting the building, it felt like eyes were glued to me, watching every step i took. I made a few more big steps till i was at my car and while i jumbled with the keys in my hand, i looked behind me. and that’s when i saw him. the cashier that was creepily eyeing me was walking towards me with wide strokes. He was only a few feet away and his eyes never left mine. My body just froze, like my feet had cement blocks tied to them- i couldn’t move. he reached me and tightly grabbed my arm. I remember fear washing over me, clouding my thoughts. I didn’t take action. I was his rag doll. He drug me to the back of the kfc where it was secluded with no one to see us. My heart pounded against my chest and every inhale burned like a hot coal being pressed against my chest and ribs. I finally began to speak.

“what do you want?” I started to cry.

He slowly took a finger over his mouth as to shush me before shoving me roughly against the wall. One arm pressed against my chest to pin meagainst the wall while the other hand began to squeeze my thighs. Finally, my mind shot back to life and i realized that if i didn’t try to escape now, then something bad would happen to me.

I lifted my knee and shoved it as hard as i could into his groin. He stumbled back, bent over and groaning. I took this as my chance to run. And boy did i. I ran to my car and pulled out of the lot so fast.

I never called the cops on that man, nor did i ever tell anyone. But just be aware of who you are surrounded by. And pay attention to the red flashing lights when they first appear.

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