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I live on the east coast of Australia, in a regular suburban area and have never experienced anything remotely paranormal…Until now.

I want to note that this incident has terrified me so badly that I have come to absolutely dread night time. As a married 27 year old man, this has become something I am trying to deal with because I mean, a grown man, scared of the dark? Come on. I’m a big fan of your youtube channel and listen to your videos daily. I don’t doubt many of the encounters people have had and always hated the idea of something happening to me.

Well…A few weeks ago I went outside for a cigarette just before bed, as I normally do. Now despite living in a heavily populated area, as I was puffing away I began to notice a weird deafening silence. No geckos, bats or night birds…Bizarre I thought, but I kept puffing away. I should have known that this is often the first sign of something being wrong when people encounter these things.

Now this is where things started happening; I heard a couple of bangs which sounded like my kitchen window being hit and I also heard footsteps….Heavy footsteps. I thought it was my wife just doing some rather loud last minute cleaning up before bed. But it was very loud. I poked my head inside and asked her what on earth she was doing….She didn’t respond. All the lights were off as they were just before I came outside, nothing had been moved or cleaned…It was obvious she was still in the bedroom, asleep. It was at this moment that I thought someone was trying to break into the house, so I rushed around to the side of the house with a kitchen knife to see who was trying to invade my home…But there was no one there, so I slowly creep around to the other side of the house. Nothing.

I was freaked out to be honest but now in fight or flight mode, I started walking back into the house. Just as I got to the backdoor to go inside and put out my cigarette, I noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye. My heart was pounding by this point, but as I turned and looked up, it was gone. It couldn’t have been an intruder, people don’t just disappear or reappear without making a peep. I flew inside so fast I almost tripped over the step on the way in. As I go to shut the curtains, my heart absolutely sank at what I saw. I am not joking. I was filled with a type of fear that no one should ever have to experience. Right there, pressed up against my backdoor window was the ugliest, most disgusting and terrifying thing I have ever seen. It looked like a a goats head, but all wrong. It was very tall and lanky. Almost  like a person but with fur and standing upright. It had those weird eyes that goats have and its jaw skin was missing….Teeth, sharp teeth…Like a crocodile or alligator. It was snarling, I could even see its breath on the window. Just writing this is bringing it all back and making me shiver. I was frozen in place, I couldn’t move and I was absolutely, thoroughly terrified.  I felt sick to the stomach and dread was filling my body. I stood there looking it right in the eyes for what felt like hours. It was just standing there, face still pressed up on the glass.

It eventually moved backwards a little and that’s when I was able to move again. I should mention that I’m a Christian, a firm believer in God. I ever so slowly backed up as well and hid behind the wall to the right of the backdoor, occasionally peeking to see if it was still there. And yep, it was still there. Just staring at me, into my soul. I began to recite the Lords Prayer over and over. As I got to the last verse, it let out a screech that is burnt into my mind. It sounded like what I would think a person would if they were being chased by an axe wielding murderer. After that I looked back at the door again and it was gone. Or So I thought. I was shaking at this point and blubbering like a baby, asking God to save me. I should add that I have two cats and they were nowhere to be seen during this. Nor was my wife. I walked back into the bedroom, laid down and sobbed silently until I fell asleep. My wife had apparently not heard what was going on as she was still asleep. During the night I heard taps at the window and the odd weird noise, but was not under any circumstances going to go and have another look. I haven’t told anyone about this, including my wife. I just don’t want to scare her or look stupid to other people.

I’m not crazy and have always been a very logical person.

I wonder if these demons (which is what I firmly believe these things are) put people into a trance and feed off their fear? They never seem to kill anybody, just utterly and completely terrify them to the point of FEELING like they’re going to die. I have quit smoking purely because I refuse to go outside at night. I close all the curtains and lock all the doors. Wild horses couldn’t drag me outside at night. No way.

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