Jr. High Hunt Horror

This happened in 2015, so 3 years from the day I wrote this. Me and my friend Justin were heading home from school on the bus. It was a Friday, so he would be staying over, since he is like family to us. We got off the bus, already decked out in camoflauge, rushed inside, grabbed our Bows, and headed to the woods. Our property extends with 10 acres of woods, and our neighbor, with 450 acres behind ours, allows us to hunt there all we want. We were heading to some blinds set up in the woods, about a mile and a half walk to get there. As we walked there, I got a feeling, like something bad was about to happen, but i just brushed it off as me being nervous. As we approached the blinds, i noticed something odd. A rotten smell, similar to the smell of sulfur, or a rotting carcass. I just expected to see a part eaten rabbit, or maybe a bird, but the smell sort of grew, like it was approaching us. I just stood there, behind the blinds, as I heard a stick crunch, my hairs stood up straight. We both raised our Bows, not knowing what to expect. I saw a bush shake, like a person had crawled into it, but I saw nothing, but I was ready to gag as the smell of putrid flesh advanced toward us. It was about [3:50] since the bus arrives at [3:35]. I now keep thinking back on why I just stood there. Justin said” maybe it’s a deer.” And how silly a question that was. I was ready to book it, thinking a coyote might be in the brush. As I thought that, I saw a figure, exit the underbrush, resembling a deer, but some things were off. It’s face, torn up and flesh exposed, like a bear had a good scratch at it. It’s eyes, glow with a evelish yellow, staring directly at me in particular. It’s face sort of resembled a humans, which is the only way I can describe it, it’s “hands” had claws, that looked like that of a bears. I immediately identified it as a Windigo or a skinwalker. The second we locked gaze with each other, my spine felt a ice cold chill rush down it. I turned my eyes to Justin, to see sweat running down his face. We both knew we had 3 options. We could fight for our lives with our 4 arrows, we could try to outrun it, which I doubted we should do since it easily outstretched 6 feet tall, taller than my mother, or just accept fate. We both looked at each other, but the gaze was inturrupted by a deep, growl, lower than that of a bears. And at that moment, we dropped our Bows, and booked it the hell out of there. I thought while I was running if I would regret doing this, but I looked back to see to our relief that we werent being tailed. This whole experience can only be described as unnatural. Be safe in the woods, day or night. Take it from me, if you get a bad feeling, trust your instincts and do what feels best.


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What I horrific experience! I’m glad you both made it away unhurt and I’m glad you learned a lesson too. Hopefully Justin learned one too.