It wasn’t my foster brother

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This happened when I was 17, I am 35 now. The house we lived in was super small and two story. Think of what a bird house looks like and thats what our house looked like.

Now my foster brother Isaiah and I had the two rooms up stairs across the hall from each other. The ceilings were peaked so the tallest point was the center of the room.

It was hunting season and Isaiah wasis an avid hunter. One morning early buck season i woke to the feeling of being watched. My back was towards the bedroom door.

Now this is early morning mind you, and the sun wasn`t quite up yet but there was just enough light you can make things out.

Anyway as i lay there still with my back to the door, the feeling of being watched is growing, making my hairs on the back of my neck stick up so bad it was as if someone had ahold of them pulling. I couldn`t resist the urge to turn and look. Slowly i roll over onto my back not expecting to see anthing only to find a figure standing right infront of my door.
At first i was relieved cus i thought it was Isaiah trying to scare me before he went out hunting. He did this sometimes. I was about to yell at him and ask him what he wanted, when something inside told me it wasn`t him,even though he was dressed like he would be if he was going out…..

The thing just stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes but was more like 3 i think. My heart was pounding and i wanted to run but couldn`t because this figure was between me and my exit so i just lay there…. And wait….

Still watching through the corner of my eye now, in fear if i looked at it dead on it might come closer, and it was already only three and half feet away from my bed!

Then to what seemed to be my luck, the sun started to peek through the window and the thing was gone! Just like that!

I jumped from my bed,still wanting to believe it was Isaiah messing with me and ran across the hall to his room where he and his cousin who happened to stay the night with him where still sound asleep. I was so creeped out that i had to wake him and tell him what had just happened.

That figure never made another appearance in my room. But other creepy things happened through out that house. After telling my story to a few others in our town (which is small) i heard other stories of people who lived there before us.

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