It lurks in her basement

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This happened in April of 2016; I had been staying with my now ex-girlfriend, who we’ll call Emma. Emma and I were no strangers to anything paranormal or monstrous and this wasn’t the first or last time we had encountered something of the like. Now, before I move on I should describe the basement as this is important. The basement in Emma’s townhouse was very small, and it was where her “bedroom” was. It was roughly 28 feet long and was shaped almost like a blocky letter Z with the bedroom in the section under the stairs and a smaller area with an art desk on the latter end. Emma’s bed was located under the stairs and was very tiny, the room itself was 7 feet, both in length and width, being sectioned off only by 2 thick curtains rather than a door.
when I had arrived on the Friday I greeted her and noted how she seemed to be feeling much better as she had a gum graft 2 weeks prior. Throughout my stay nothing unusual had happened until Saturday night when I had gotten a random feeling of unease. I brushed it off and we went on with our night, watching movies on her bed and chatting about our friends.
The following morning I had awoken at 9 am which was very unusual as we had stayed up very late and I used to sleep like a rock back then. As I lay in the bed I wondered why I had woken up. Emma was still asleep and if i had been woken up from any sound she would be awake too as she slept much lighter than me. I rolled onto my side, looking out towards the curtains on the other side of the cramped room. That’s when I had seen what woke me up. Tall and slender, in the far corner of the room wedged between the dresser and curtain stood a creature so large that its neck had to be lowered for it to fit beneath the ceiling. It was black, it appeared to have some sort of cloak on and had a long, dark beak with a slight curve, with dull, white eyes above it. I laid there, motionless and confused at what I was seeing. I blinked and the creature remained, staring at the wall across from it. Cautiously, I sat up as quietly as possible to try and get a better look at what I was seeing, what I didn’t want to see. As I propped myself up on one arm the thing slowly turned its head to face me, moving its body only after it had settled its cold, lifeless gaze upon me. It seemed as if this terrible creature’s body was sucking up every last bit of light, sound, and energy in the room, and I felt as if I was being judged by it. Mustering up my will to move, I tore out of the basement and up the stairs. For the remainder of the day I spent my time upstairs with her mother, leaving her home only after she had woken up some 5 hours later.
I had called her later that night via skype and asked her if she had ever seen a creature like the one I had seen earlier that day. Her facial expression dropped into one of fear and confusion.
“That thing used to follow me around my old house before we moved” She said in reply.
I was confused, and scared for at the time I had no idea what this demonic bird-like creature was.
Emma moved to a house that was a bit closer to mine, and whilst renovating it, she and her family had found that a small room in the basement seemed to be full of negative energy. Slowly, weird things started to happen and the creature would appear in her new home as well. It still emanates a dark feeling and her dogs bark and whine at the creature whenever it appears. I don’t know why it follows her or why it just stares but I think it may be a Raven Mocker. Upon googling the creature I had found an illustration of one in front of a full moon that looked exactly like what i had seen. All I can do is pray that it doesn’t decide to do something more than watch her.

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