It followed me home.

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Before I tell this story, I want to give you a few background knowledge on me. I am tall for my age, about 6.3″, and I live down in South Dakota. I live in the wooded parts of South Dakota, so I know the area pretty well. I have one dog, and that’s about it. On my daily basis, I usually wake up, make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, the normal stuff. But this day was like a day like no other.

I had been invited to a Birthday party at my friend’s house, where both now 29, and have a license for driving. I got a text from my friend, let’s call him Mike. Mike told me to be there in five minutes, and hurry because he wanted to show me something before the party started. I find my keys, and jump in the car. It’s about 2:30 PM, and I barely leave my driveway before an awful smell smashes into me. It is faint, but it’s still pretty bad. I just shrug it off, thinking its a skunk or something. As I leave my driveway, I get a text message from a friend who says he’s already at the house. I put the phone down, and start concentrating on the road. That’s when the smell gets worse, way worse. It smells like decaying fish guts, mixed in with duck poop.

I then begin to cover my nose, thinking it would help. But no, the smell then gets worse. It’s so bad, it’s bringing me on the edge of tears. Not seeing where I’m going, my car hits something. Something big and hard. My car wheels then must if flew a few feet off the ground, because the car lands with a thud, and I slide off the road. Thinking I just hit someone, I unbuckle my seatbelt, and open the door. I slid just a few yards off the road, because I can see the black and yellow color of it. And there, in the middle of the road, is a decaying carcass of a bear. It doesn’t look like a full grown bear though, and it couldn’t have been because my car would have just smashed into it, not flying in the air like I just did.

I walk over to the bear, stumbling on shock.I almost throw up at the sight of this animal. The eyes are missing, and the stomach is ripped open, and the spine is missing. What kind of sick animal would do this? And what kind of animal can take down a bear? Thoughts begin to form in my head, and then the smell breaks my thoughts. The smell gets stronger, as if I am now inhaling it. I throw up, not because of the bear, but because of the smell. And that’s when I hear it. A low, growl, maybe 20 yards away. The growl then becomes a scream.A scream that’s not human or animal like. Imagine a pig screaming, and then a cats growl. Put those together and that’s what it sounds like.

I then turn around, looking for my car, almost forgetting where I was. I run to the car, and practically throw myself in. I lock the doors, and sit there, not turning the car on. A clicking noise can now be heard, and then something hits the roof of my car, denting the roof of it. That was the last straw. I turn the car on, and honk as loud as I can, trying to scare whatever this thing was while driving the hell away from that place. I don’t dare look back as I speed the way to my friends house.

An incoming call vibrates my phone, making me jump. I can see it’s from my friend Mike. I look at the phone, and decided to answer. “Hey! Where you at?” Mike says.

I don’t answer, and he asks one more time. “I…I got lost.” I lie. My voice is shaky, and I can tell he knows something is wrong.

“We’ll be here quick”, and he hangs up.i set then phone down, and can see Mike’s house through the trees.  A sigh of relief rushes over me, and I speed up a little.

Fast forward a few minutes. I’m in Mike’s house, and we say the usual hellos, and then I see my other friend outside in the backyard. Let’s call him Dylan. Mike takes me to the back, and shuts the glass door behind him. I look at Dylan not even saying hello,and can see he’s scared. This then makes me scared, because Dylan doesn’t get scared that easy. I ask him what’s wrong, and he points to the trees.

I don’t know what to look at, but then I can see just a little bit of the forest. It was blurry at first. I can just see shadows, but then my vision focuses. There are dead corpses of animals. Freaking hanging from the trees, impaled to stay from falling. I then begin to cry as I smell the rotting smell. Dylan looks at me, and so does Mike. A branch breaks from the trees, followed with a clicking sound. I didn’t want to stay any longer. I practically threw the glass door open, and rushed inside, pulling my friends with me.

Shutting the door, I begin to tell the story of what happened before I came here. But before I can finish, the door bell rings, followed with some laughter. I instantly know that it’s my friends, and rush to the door. I swing the door open, and pull my friend Samuel inside. He looks panicked, and asks what’s wrong. We all shush him as the roof of the house begins to creak.

The smell is so strong now. Almost impossible to breath. “I can’t.” Dylan whispers. Then, the creaking stops. We sit there, not breathing.

Now, I want to say that after that, something crazy happened. But no, everything went to normal for a while. More people came to the party, and Mike told a few people about the incident, but no one believed him.

The party eventually ended, and i went back home. But when I got there, I saw that my background had a few odd holes in it, and a pile of dirt that looked like it had recently been dug. I didn’t think much of it because I seen that happen a few times. My feet take me to my bed, and I then begin to lay down. My eyes starting to close, but instantly snap open when I hear a soft breathing outside. I then stop breathing, and then something speaks from outside. “I can’t.”


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