It enjoys scaring me

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To start this off I live in Pakistan and our version of ghosts isn’t exactly spirits we believe they are their own species.

You don’t need to know the layout of the house because the events took place in two places. Now to start this story I used to get scared in my house because I would see a 7 foot tall figure stalk me around the house it wore a shalwar qameez a black face with no features it was barefoot and it’s feet were black too pitch black like the face it would appear for 5 sec than dissappear one event I remember is that once the bathroom door shut on it’s own I was in the room on the side of it so I went to investigate and something started scratching the door from the other side now i am a coward so I noped the hell out of there.

After hearing this my mom set up pages with ayat ul kursi written on them everywhere but the front and backyard and the path connecting them. Ayat ul kursi keeps the ghosts at Bay supposedly. After this the figure went away but the juicy part is yet to come.

This story is from the perspective of my brother he is a very logical person this happened after we set up ayat ul kursi everywhere but the yards and the path connecting them . We slept in the front yard to save electricity so he was sleeping something tapped his head he opened his eyes to see me but it was not me it was my height my clothes but like the tall figure his face was pitch black with no features and my brother also noticed my snoring noises so it could not be brother was sleeping with his body facing down so he had raised his head to see it. it tapped his head again and when it noticed my brother was awake it crouched down and stared at him. My brother closed his eyes now shaken up and scared he eventually went to sleep to it’s growing noises.

At breakfast he told everyone his story after a moment of silence my mother said she felt something run around her when sleeping.

Few years passed after this incident the only alarming  thing that happened was something that had two legs but weighed about 200 kg paced above us.

One day me and my cousin were talking in my room when we heard three knocks on our window . The path that connects the yards is outside the window. we paused than it came again the curtains were blocking the window so I went to see who was knocking I thought it was my brother so I said stop it but than 3 bangs came from the window . So when I removed the curtains to see my brother I instead saw 2 red eyes after this me and my cousin flew to the room where my dad was and told him everything he just laughed it off. I also noticed my brother asleep on the couch.

Many more events happened but the story is getting long so I have to cut this short state your opinion on this I would love to hear it.thanks for listening.



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