It dances in the window

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I have had trouble sleeping for a few years now, I suffer from sleep paralyses and I sometimes see some crazy shit. It usually happens when I wake up on my back. Now I have a fairly small room just big enough to fit my bed in the corner, and a big window facing out at the backyard woods. For some reason this window is the focus of my sleep paralyses episodes. Though, I’m beginning to think this is more than just sleep paralysis.

I wake up, unable to move my arms and legs and at the corner of my eye I can see the window.

I tend to hear drums starting up in the direction of the woods. Almost all of my episodes are the same. Down the hill at the opening to the forest this thing walks out and Its honestly the most terrifying creature you could imagine.

It walks almost like its dancing.

Rhythmic steps with the drums as it walks over to my window. it has to be at least seven feet tall and is tremendously overweight. Its face is the icing on the cake, from its face, dangles a large elephants trunk.

its eyes are almost like a cross between a horses and a cat, far apart and big but just small slits for the pupils. To be honest, I’ve listened to too many stories of what people have seen during their episodes, and I guess if feeds into my own from time to time.

there was this one story of almost the same exact creature.

I’m not sure if this is a real thing or just a figment of a few people overactive imaginations. scene the woods are a few hundred feet away it takes the thing about thirty seconds to get to the window.

I just lay there and try to move any muscle. I can sometimes move my head in the direction of the window but that only makes it worse, I can see more of it when that happens.

once it gets to my window it just stairs at me and taps on the window. Then it starts to moan, it sounds like one of toughs dogs that can talk. It taps and moans louder and louder until I force myself to wake up. I don’t know why I have the same experience repeatedly, maybe its some kind of subconscious warning.

I haven’t set foot in toughs woods, not even when we first moved here two years ago. I’ve just never gotten around to it. Maybe its my minds way of telling me that i’ll never know what lives in there until I go and explore them. I don’t know but I may go and check them out to see if anything weird live in there, who knows, It may even help me sleep better only time will tell.

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