Is That A Werewolf?

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My name is Yona and I live in Delhi, India. A couple of months ago, my best friend, Varuna and I were sitting in our room studying for our upcoming finals. With only a couple of weeks left, we were super stressed and stayed up for hours at night to prepare. This was our college graduation exam and we both were pursuing the same subject, living in the same apartment complex and going to the same college.

I’ve known her since we were kids, we met during our kindergarten years so we are very close.

So it’s yet another night of preparation and we are sitting in our living room, studying. Our apartment is on the 5th floor which faces a huge empty land.

The only trees present in that land are big coconut trees. The ground is full of tall grasses which cover up the land. There is a huge pond in the middle as well. When we first moved in, that piece of land was seriously spooky because there were no houses and foxes lived there.

Every night, they’d start barking and howling which was scary at first but with time, we both grew used to it. To separate the land from our complex, there is a huge 6ft tall wall which prevents the foxes from coming in. From our living room terrace, we can see the foxes running around looking for food.

It was around 2:30 am and Varuna and I were chugging coffee and quizzing each other. The foxes started howling and barking and we didn’t pay them any attention. They did that at intervals every night so it was nothing new.

However, this time, they didn’t stop barking.

Usually, they’d stop after maybe a couple of minutes but they were at it for a really long time. The complex is new and not many people live here, so there is no noise and the street is far away so no noise from the vehicles can be heard either.

So this night their continuous barking really irked us because we were trying to concentrate.

To make matters worse, the stray dogs that lived in our complex started barking as well. Our complex is full of them because it is still under construction and they get a lot of food from the workers and a few people that live here.

We have two Labrador retrievers as well, Dany and Drogo, yes we named them that because we love Daenerys and her Khal. They rushed to the terrace and their back hair was standing up. We didn’t pay them any attention but after a while, we went to the terrace to bring them back in before they started barking like crazy. Varuna went with me and we could hear the rustling of the grass which made us look out towards the field.

At first, we saw a few foxes running around and then suddenly, a huge shape got up from the ground. Honestly, I thought that was a person but then it stood up and it was holding, what looked like a dead fox in its mouth. We stood there looking at it without making any sound and that’s when our dogs decided to empty their lungs at this thing.

The thing turned at glanced at us and I could see it had a long snout, shabby rusty-grey hair and pointed ears.

Its eyes held such a malicious look and looked almost silvery in colour. It looked like it was breathing heavily and growling at the same time as it now held the dead fox in one really long clawed hand.

“Is—Is that a werewolf?!” Varuna screeched beside me and dugs her nails into my arms, breaking my shock. The thing then turned, got down on the ground and started running. We could see it going farther away as it broke the grass and trampled on it, running at full speed. We stood there still and staring into the now empty field.

The dogs had stopped barking and were now nuzzling my leg to get my attention.

Slowly I turned and went in, Varuna following behind me and locking the terrace door. We went to the rooms and started closing the windows and pulling the curtains. I have never been so scared in my life. Even though we saw it run away, we were sure it would come and back. We switched off the lights and sat on our sofa, not saying anything.

We could still hear the distant barking and howling of the foxes but it faded away after a while.

We fell asleep on the couch that night and woke up late. Varuna was still shaken up and wanted to go investigate and I shot down that idea. That was suicide! What if that thing came back. We waited for two weeks to see if it would come back but it never did. I am glad it never did.

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