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So I am a 14 year old girl. I have this instagram account that has over seven hundred followers because I’m a meme expert. I get a lot messages a day. So about two months ago..

I met this “guy”, let’s call him Sam. He messaged me, asking for a nude. I get these a lot and I dont do it.

When I respectfully declined, he threatened to come into my house and kill me, rape my dead body. I just rolled my eyes and blocked him, I wish I would’ve told someone. He kept making all these new accounts just to talk to me till one day I opened instagram to a picture of me sleeping. Bad quality, not my phone. I look at the caption.. And thats where things got fucking creepy. “Aww! Look at my beautiful girlfriend..!”

I deleted the picture that had 429 likes. (I shit you not) I then unblocked him after changing my password, I told him that his sick prank was not okay.

He asked for the nude again. I finally just.. Talked to my mom. She made the report.

A week after things stopped, I kept hearing tapping on the laundry room window. My room is right across from the laundry room and the window has a perfect view of my bed. I’m also right next to the door. The next thing I know, the window breaks.

The man grabs me and I had a box of matches by my bed. I lit his arm on fire, called the cops. He ran before they could get him.

Now two weeks later my family and I went on a trip. I came home early with my cousin. I wasn’t feeling good. I walked into the house and something smelled like gas. I went to the source of the smell. The man jumped at me and tried to stab me. I took off running. I called the cops with a neighbors phone and he was put into cuffs.

I still continue to use Instagram, but I no longer talk to anyone much anymore.

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