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This story takes place a few days ago but I cannot stop thinking about it since it has been one of the most scary things that has ever happened to me.

It was on a Monday just like any other Monday but it was extremely cold and it was snowing even though it was the beginning of April.

I woke up and checked my notifications of all my social medias and messages.

I got up to Instagram and I saw that i Had gotten a direct message from a random user that had not yet followed me on my account, Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that this user has been following other users that I am friends with that go to my school. So I thought that maybe it was a person from my school. So the direct message had said “Hey,what’s up?”

The message had been sent at 12:45 a.m. eastern time. So I responded with ” Do I know you?” The person had responded in less than 5 seconds saying ” Nope, just wanted to chat with someone in my suggestions and I saw you and I thought maybe you would have chatted with me.”

I thought it was odd though that the message was sent really late.

And It was really weird that the person would actually think I would fall for this crap, How I would talk to some stranger. I told I didn’t want to talk to him because he looked like some creep just trying to find where I lived. So i eventually went to go text my friend and my friend got the same direct message that I did. Red flags stared going off like crazy.

Then I went back onto instagram and checked my messages again and the whole chat was gone, like nothing ever even happened to begin with.

I was so scared because I was looking up his account and nothing was coming up. It still scares me because I had never gotten the chance to block him and he could direct message me anytime.

So I have one thing to say to instagram creeper ” Let’s hope we never meet again”.

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