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Before I start the story I must tell you I am easily scared and I don’t like it either. I am fourteen years old and 5 foot 8 inches and I also am an introvert.

Anyway it was a typical Saturday night and I was about to go to the mall with my older sister.

Which wasn’t very unusual we went pretty often but that’s beside the point.  Like most of the teenagers I used Instagram almost everyday.

One day while I was getting ready for the mall I received an Instagram message from an unknown user saying “hello beautiful” With a heart he started asking me where I was from I told him I was from France trying to get him off my case.

That didn’t stop him he started to text me in French which I google translated and it came out as weird stuff like “your wish is my command”

And “I want to get you pregnant” With even more hearts I told him that he needs to stop texting me and that I’m not interested.  I told him that I was gay when I know that’s not the truth.  I told him that I wasn’t impressed with the Google translated French he was attempting to win me over with.

Within the next two minutes he finally stopped using Google Translate and started using English again.

I told him he needs to stop texting me and again I was not interested.

He there’s proceeded to tell me that I was his and no one else he sent me pictures of my house and told me that he knows where I live and if I moved that he would find me. At this time we had just built a new house and it wasn’t on google maps yet.

Trust me I checked. He told me that he doesn’t care about my “significant other” And that I had a connection with him and his little sister which he DMed me a picture of her.

I had no idea about who this little girl was and the next thing he sent me sent a flood if emotions through my body.

It was a screen shot of his home screen that’s not what scared me it was the wallpaper that scared me shit less it was me sitting on my bed in the pajamas I was currently wearing.

I instantly started crying and I sprinted to my parents room and showed my dad because he was the only one that was in there I broke down in tears and was crying so hard that when my dad handed me back my phone to show my what he had texted the man I couldn’t see the screen because my eyes where filled with tears once I regained my vision I saw that my dad texted him saying “hey asshole this is her dad you better stop texting my daughter I am going to  call the police”

And he blocked the user and I deleted my Instagram account and the police where never called and I never heard from him again.

So to the people who use Instagram I advise you to keep it private and only expect requests from people you know.

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