By Dark Night

Let me just say that I’m a big believer in the paranormal!

I study it a lot and get made fun of my interest constantly by family members, but that’s not the point. I have insomnia very often, having awful sleepless nights most of the time.I also wake up at four or five A.M pretty much every night, which is to me an odd pattern. Well one night was no different i’m not sure what time i got to bed. It seemed to be a normal night boring as usual. Well lets skip ahead a little, I woke up around four A.M.

I also forgot to mention that I sleep with my computer on. I always fall asleep to Netflix it helps with the insomnia. Anyway when I do wake up like I said its around four A.M. I have to turn my computer back on, because the monitor will shut off after some time. So I stumble out of bed and type in my password, witch I get wrong a couple of times. Because well you know it’s four in the morning and let me just add that the sun does not rise until six, so it’s still dark out. OK back to the story I finally get my password right and Netflix pops back up. I hit play and stumble back to my bed and I’m trying to get back to sleep.

So i’m moving my head around on my pillow and this is were the most freaky shit ever happened! I’m lifting my head up and as I’m about to put it back down, I feel what feels like a person sitting on my pillow. Surprised I whip my head up fast as fuck, still tired but freaked out. I thought about what could have caused it. Nothing fell and the pressure felt like somebody who is sitting next to you. It was quick but I swear that’s what it felt like and it was very shocking in my sleepy state. The next day I wen’t over and over what it could have been but my thoughts came up empty.

I think what haunts me the most is never knowing what it truly was!


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