Infidelity Gone Bad

Let me be clear before I tell my story. You won’t find it on any search engine or in any paper, so if you call bullshit I’ll take no offense. But let me assure you: This happened and the party involved is STILL suffering.

Okay, here goes.

I worked as an ambulance driver for our local fire department up until roughly 4 months ago. The town I live in is one of those “Norman Rockwell” paintings come alive. Nothing worse than the occasional alcohol induced brawl or older individual falling on some ice and getting a little banged up happens here.

When I stop to think about it, the worst incident I can remember is when a deer hunter was accidentally shot in the back with an arrow by his 12 year old son. The man made it. His son took up fishing instead.

This all changed on April Fool’s day of 2016.

The guys (myself included) had spent the day playing little pranks on one another. Cellophane on toilet seats, peanut butter in their shoes, one even went as far to call in a hit and run, only for us to find a roadkilled opossum with a “get well soon” balloon tied to it’s Paw and a note reading “April Fool’s Bitches!” Stuffed in it’s mouth.

Granted, that last prank was a bad idea. We could have gotten into some serious shit over that one. So after it was all said and done, we decided to give the pranks a rest for the day.

It was around 7 pm, and our station radio starts going off. The sheriff was requesting immediate response to a dingy little “no-tell motel” at the edge of our rural town. He ended with “Make sure Elias don’t come. He ain’t gonna like this.”

My chief makes me stay and drives the ambulance himself. Like I said, this is a small town. Rural in nature. We have a total of 7 guys volunteering. So I was honestly taken aback while my chief drove away with lights and sirens blaring.

I feared the worst. Had something bad happened to one of my family members? I called everyone from my parents, Tony siblings, to my wife. Thankfully they were all okay. So why did I have to stay? Was this another prank perhaps? I had hoped so.

An hour and a half later, my hopes were dashed.

The ambulance pulls up and no sooner had my chief killed the engine, the back doors swing open and I can see it’s absolutely saturated in blood. My chief and the other two medics are chalk white in the face and as bloody as the ambulance.

I tried to ask my chief what had happened and he just asked me to help hose everything down while he got cleaned up. As I’m doing what he asked one of the guys who went on the call turns to me and just starts bawling.

” It was your Kid Brother’s girlfriend Erica. She was ..she was.. missing most her face.” I paused for a second and absorbed what I had just been told. “Wait. WHAT?!” I asked. He took a second to compose himself and recounted the events.

“She was cheating on your brother with some guy she met online. He met her at the hotel and talked her into smoking some pot with him. She then waited in the bed while he went into the bathroom. She was getting undressed, and she heard him snorting something. According to her he’d been in there a little under a half hour when she got up to check on him. When she knocked at the door he rushed her, tackled her to the ground and began biting her on the face and shoulders. He’d already taken a good chunk out of the bridge of her nose and bitten off half of her lower lip when she managed to get her hands on a can of deodorant knocked down during the scuffle. She sprayed it in his eyes and managed to escape to the manager’s office before passing out from blood loss.”

He told me she was wearing only her underwear and was passed out in the fetal position when they got there . The guy was gunned down a few blocks away after attempting to rob a 7-11 while covered in blood and completely nude. Autopsy results found Marijuana , Angel Dust, and Bath salts in his blood stream

I didn’t know how to break the news to my then 16 year old brother. They’d been dating since middle school. She decided to cheat on him with a man we later found to be a 37 year old sex offender and he mauled her in a fashion similar to a bear attack.

It took 6 reconstructive surgeries to repair the outward damage to her face. She still has nerve damage and a permanent droop. On top of that, this guy had hepatitis c, and you guessed it: she contracted it.

My brother was still good to her despite everything. However, her guilt caused her to break it off with him.

Eventually, I moved away from home and began working towards a legal degree. But this will forever be etched into my mind.

Don’t cheat on the one you love and if you do, stay away from bath salt snorting internet freaks. .

It could cost you dearly.

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