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So for context reasons you should probably know that I live in the woods of the southeast United States, (Alabama). Im also 17 and still in highschool living with my parents. I love it out here but i can’t lie, some things happen that i can’t really explain.

My brother and I each have a large Great Dane, (mine being a bit larger) and every few nights i feel like i hear them going crazy barking deep in the woods, i obviously get worried and always go out to try to call them back to the house but usually they are already just outside the door on the back porch staring tensely and completely rigid into the woods. At first i just blamed it on the sound of their barking bouncing off objects and sounding further away than they really are.

After the hunting incident I’m not so sure about that anymore.

The single most intense moment i have experienced on the property happened a couple of months ago during the whitetail deer season. I am usually an avid hunter but i hadn’t been yet that season due to my consentrating on wrestling season which goes on at the same time. However, one day my dad called me and said my little cousin wanted to go hunting, he proceeded to ask me if i could take him and i immediately agreed,(love that little dude and he is obsessed with hunting). An hour later we are walking down the trail and i can stop smiling because my cousin looked so happy in his camo outfit.

We walk down a very large hill, cross a creek, and walk back up another hill. Now we are at the small house (shooting house) that we hunt out of.

It over looks a large green field that we started planting two years back. Off to the right of me there is a small creek that leads into the creek we had crossed earlier, and some really thick underbrush. To the left and in front there is green grass that goes out for hundreds of yards.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a deer that day but i did see something white flash through the brush behind the back of the field.

It was small, probably 4 feet off the ground, so i assumes it was the tail of a white tailed deer since they tend to run with their tails straight up. But even if it was just a deer, what the hell was it running from? We had taken down all the coyotes the year before because they had been stealing chickens and it was to far away to have notice my little cousin and I.

Anyways that didn’t really affect me much during the hunt because i had no reason to believe there was something dark in those woods, i was just frustrated at the lost opportunity at the deer, soon after that though i started hearing walking through the woods to my right on the other side of the small creek and brush. I shushed my cousin and told him that i think something is walking towards the field.

He got a little excited because he though it was a deer that i was hearing. But notice i said something was walking, i knew instantly it wasn’t a deer.

When you hunt long enough you can identify most animals by the sounds they make when walking though the woods. A deer ,for instance, will often take about three steps then pause and look around for danger before walking again. This unknown creature i was hearing had a similar walking pattern to a squirrel. It would walk kinda fast then crash like it was coming to a stop very quickly.

But it was no squirrel, squirrels aren’t heavy enough to break twigs and branches.

The entity moved around outside of my sight for close to 45 mins before suddenly stopping for good. I was unsettled but still operating like nothing was wrong at this point. Another hour passed and it got dark so me and my slightly disappointed cousin walked back to the house without any issues. We got to the house and my cousin suddenly chirped, “ oh no, i left my camo bag”.

After the disappointing hunt i couldn’t let him go home without his favorite bag so i offered to go down and get it for him even though it was a dark moonless night, and that was the choice that lead me to the single most terrifying moment of my entire life.

Since i didn’t have to worry about scaring off deer i decided to take our new four wheeler. It is a Yamaha grizzly 750cc and any four wheeler enthusiasts will agree that it is a monster in and of itself. I quickly made it to the shooting house and grabbed to bag and a toboggan that my cousin had also left.

As i hopped back on the four wheeler i looked up just in time to see a small white figure dash out of the corner of the headlight beam at an impossible pace. The memory of those footsteps in the brush came rushing back and i decided I’m about to use 750ccs to get back to the house.

I whip around at a speed that wouldn’t be approved of by many sane people and headed down into the creek.

Then suddenly I heard foot steps splashing though the water behind me at what sounded like mock 7. I can hear these steps over the roar of i massive atv engine which shouldn’t be possible. And i CANNOT STRESS HOW FAST IT SOUNDED.

It was comparable to the speed of a jackhammer breaking concrete, but it was on water.

I look back and see a small white humanoid this black hair half the length of its body.

And the only reason i could see it was because ITV was close enough to me that my red tail light was illuminating it. This was enough, i pushed in the gas as hard as i could and sent dirt and debris flying behind me, i wasn’t flying out of the creek and ripping a completely new trail back up the giant hill that leads to my house. I hit a bump at this insane speed and the four wheeler went airborne.

This didn’t phase me at this point and as i landed 15 feet from when i left the ground i wasn’t already full throttle again.

I whipped into the gravel driveway at enough speed to but deep ruts in it, and hopped off drawing my buck knife as landed on the ground and scanning the area. First thing i noticed, the creature wasn’t anywhere that i could see. Second thing i noticed, neither was my cousin.

I was past terror and getting furious at this point. Chase me, i run, mess with my 6 year old cousin, you run. I was about to take off into the woods yelling his name when i glanced over and saw him looking out of one of the windows of my house looking pretty shaken up. I ran inside and asked if he was allright and he said that he got scared when he heard me flying through to woods, he asked if i wasn’t running away from something and i just said “nah big dude i was doing it for fun” which calmed him down pretty quick.

As he left that night my dad asked me why i wasn’t really driving like a madman but i gave him a look that said “I’m not going to talk about it” and he said, just don’t mess up that four wheeler and left me alone.

Since then not much has happened, i still hear my dogs barking out in the woods when i know they are on the porch but other than that the thing hasn’t made another in person appearance. I ok with that. But that thing better believe inflation either of my dogs, or family members are hurt or taken in those woods. I will blast the little white thing back to the gates of hell that it came out of.

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