I’m not sure what I saw.

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Before my story begins it’s important to know that at the time these events took place I lived far out in the countryside surrounded by farmland and woods in Kentucky. In this area there’s about 34 houses and only about 19 are occupied, just to give you an idea of where this took place, and my house was maybe half a mile from the cemetery where I had my experience.

When I was younger, about seven or eight years old, I went with my step sister to run an errand and on the way back as my teenaged sister talked on her phone we approached the cemetery. I wasn’t an overly scared kid, so I didn’t pay it much mind and started looking around until I glanced back to the plot of land.

I saw what looked like a huge wolf, and by huge I mean about the size of a miniature horse. I remember clearly that it was definitely taller than most of the headstones.

It’s fur was a white-greyish color, it’s snout was unusually long for a typical canine, and it’s eyes were like black glass beads.

It stared at me as it followed my sister and I with it’s head until we walked so far down the road that we couldn’t see it any more.

I’ve always been a dog lover, and some neighbor’s did have dogs so I assumed it was one of theirs and pointed the creature out to my sister. She cared more about her phone so she didn’t even glance at the wolf as we walked, but I couldn’t look away.

The wolf didn’t attack us, it just watched as we walked by the cemetery.

Historically, Kentucky was home to two wolf species: the gray wolf and the red wolf. However, their numbers gradually declined and today, neither wolf species can be found here, plus the animal was taller than some of the gravestones so it definitely couldn’t be just a dog or a wolf.

A couple of days later I asked what few neighbors I had if any of them had a large white dog that had gotten loose and none of them did.

I’m not entirely sure what I saw. It still doesn’t make sense to me many years later, so if there’s someone with a rational explanation for a wolf six feet, tail to snout, let me know.

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