Hey there. My name is Samridh. You can call me Sam as my friends do. I’m from Fazilka a really small town in Panjab,India. I’m 19 yrs old, tall and muscular.

First let me give you a little bit of my background. I study in a city far away from my city as I passed my 10th grade. I often used to come to my home on weekends. I’m 6″3 feet tall that’s why I loved Basketball so much. I am a big fan of horror movies. I’ve almost watched all Warewolf ¬†movies. I’m so obsessed with them. But in movies only. I always go for a run in the morning from my house to the ground that has a Basketball court to play basketball. The ground was about 3 kms from my house. One weekend I came home for a weekend and as usual I went for a run. I called my friend before leaving the house to join me on the road. It was March 1st 2015. Yes how the hell can I forget that day. It was foggy outside because in North West India the summer takes time to come. So it was eventually dark as hell outside. It was full moon. I remember it all.

So I was on my way to the ground, running. When I reached at the road intersection I stopped for a moment to catch some breath. As i waited there for my friend to come. The intersection was half way from my house to the ground. Its a highway so I ran on the side of the road. Because India there are almost no rules for anything I guess. No one cares. So it was so much dog that time that there were no cars or any kind of vehicles passing by. I was barely able to see 20 feet far.


I heard a dog’s scream. It was more like scream in pain. It was like a jumpscare.It scared the hell out of me. Yes! Its foggy, its cold as hell, dark and I am the only idiot who chalked wants to play basketball on a foggy day. my friend was not even arrived at the intersection.

(Dog screams)

I shouted loudly to scare the dog away. But the screaming dig not stoped.

Then I heard a big loud thump besides me. I was shook that how the hell a dog can make a sound by its foot that loud?!?

Then I turned around which, I should never have never had.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I saw a wolf like creature standing on all fours 10ft away from me. With old white hair all over its body with light orangish eyes. From my warewolf movies experience, a word popped up in my head” WAREWOLF”. It was holding an almost dead dog in its teeths from its neck as the dog sad screaming so loud that made me so terrified. My heart almost stoped at Rahat moment my skin was cold from fear, knowing that I’m dead in a few seconds. Then It standed on its twos and it became about 8 and half feet taller.. I could see its all body parts.. It was wearing a full torn Black coat. The black coat made its white hair popped so much. I was also able to see its penis because or as naked from the bottom. I fell on the ground on owing hat this was my end.. I was thinking that if my friend arrived at that time, it will freak out and gonna torn me apart or eat me. I saw the dog died screaming so loudly.

Suddenly it took one step forward. I slided back on my ass to stay away as long as I could..

It was my Luck that a loud truck was coming on the road behind me. Its a foggy road so the drivers always keep horning.

And then it starting ¬†looking at me and then at the dog again and again. It’s like it was making a decision to eat me or the dog.. But it didn’t have any time to make that decision and it ran so fast towards about three trees on the side of the road. This was my chance I thought. I ran so fast then that I have never did in my entire life towards the road my friend was coming.. I ran about 1 and half mile non stop with full fear that its chasing me. I didn’t look back for one second.

And then I saw my friends coming in front of me to catch up with me at the intersection.I was running so fast towards him in fear. Sweat was all over my body. I ran pas by my friend tapping well nearly slapping while running on his shoulder to run after me. I don’t know how but he instantly ran after me not knowing wat was going on. We ran inside his house. I looked his house’s all doors and windows and turned all the lights off. My friend asked my what the hell is happening in anger. I didn’t reacted to him at all and lied on the ground in his room as I was so tired and Terrified..I didn’t fall asleep and my friend was looking at me in anger thinking that what the hell this guy has seen that he is breathing so fast and sweaty.. we both stayed awake until the fog was gone and the sunlight was finally able to shine in our room from the windows.

Then I told everything to my friend. He was like my brother so he believed me and agreed not to tell anyone as the people in our town will make fun of us.

I don’t go for run anymore especially in dark or foggy day.



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