I saw myself outside

I’m eleven now and when this happened I was 10.

I lived in Huntsville, Alabama and not much happened in that town. Or so I thought. It was a normal day and I was home alone I was playing on my computer playing with my friends and talking on Discord. I’m also a Youtuber. my dog was laying beside me and she is not really aggressive. But when this happened she sprang up and started growling the door to the garage. I was confused, she never growled at anything. Now I’ve Heard Horror Stories From Corpse Husband, Mr Nightmare, And Darkness Prevails.

And so I knew that I shouldn’t go out there, But I was curious. I opened the door and my dog bit my pants obviously telling me not to go. But I went out there anyway. what I found scared the crap out of me. It was me, another me. It Said in a voice like mine but no quiet. “Keller. KELLER!!!”. I Slammed The Door And Locked It. I didn’t move until my parents got home.

I didn’t tell them about what happened they wouldn’t believe me.


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