Hunting trip stalker

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So, let’s get into this. I am an avid hunter and have been for quite some time. I have also hunted in this particular area for the past five years and am very familiar with this mountain.

It was the fourth day of bear season. I had decided on a meadow about two months before due to all of the heavy predator sign such as prints, scat and dead carcass’.

Now you have to understand hunting predators tends to be slightly unnerving at times. We also have a built in sense you can tell when something is close and doesn’t feel right.

I got to my spot an hour before sun rise to decrease the likely hood of spooking anything before my day began. I found a tree and dig out a small trench to lay in where I could watch the meadow. Now everything was pretty quiet and I felt something, like there was eyes watching me but I just pushed the feeling away. I decided I would take a nap before shooting light so I propped my cowboy hat over my face and just laid there. I couldn’t sleep due to the unnerving feeling I constantly had and partially to the dim light shining through the trees. so I just laid there waiting.

Not even two minutes laying there and out of completely nowhere. The little bit of light shining there the holes in my hat go dark and what seemed to be six foot wings flapped three times and as soon as I ripped my hat off and grabbed my pistol there was a flash of blackness then nothing.

I’m feeling really unnerved at this point and honestly I’m exhausted from the twelve mile hike and now this adrenaline rush so I decided to try to sleep again and put my hat over my head. In the back of my head I just wish it had something to do with the falling in your sleep effect.

Now I’ve been laying for about five minutes just thinking and waiting when to me surprise my hat gets smashed down on my face and when I finally ripped it of my face I see the same black creature vanishing mid air.

I don’t

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