How I nearly died

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Hey there. My name is Carter. There really isn’t a category to put this story in, so I chose paranormality. This story is not paranormal, but it has scarred me to this day. Before I begin, the story you are about to read doesn’t have anything to do with a scary topic you are looking for at the moment. If you accept my story, you might have to put it in a video about the ocean. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When I was about eight, my grandparents we coming up upon their 50 year anniversary. They decided to celebrate and take the whole family on a cruise ship. I was excited at the thought of it. I’d never been on a cruise before, at was looking forward to the experience. I’ve enclosed a picture I found of the ship we went on. Now, we live in the western part of America, so we had to take a flight to Florida to get there. Now, I have a theory about vacations. It sounds odd, but every time I’ve gone on vacation on an airplane, at least one bad thing happens. Usually I get some sort of illness or get sick on the plane. I was happy that the flight to Florida had been smooth, but a little part of my brain wouldn’t let me forget the jinx.

A few days into the cruise, I was starting to get used to the life at sea. It wasn’t much different to being on land, except that you’re on a boat, obviously. I would have been happy staying at sea the whole trip, but a few days later we docked in Mexico. We were in a very touristy area, and there were street vendors everywhere, each trying to sell something or other at double it’s value to another family of American tourists. I kind of found that funny. Anyways, we spent several hours on the beach just hanging out, until I spotted one of those rubber water trampolines. There’s another picture if you don’t know what they look like. Anyways, being the adventurous eight-year-old I was, I wanted to check it out. It was pretty far offshore, but that didn’t really register to me as dangerous. It makes me cringe to realize how wrong I was.

My grandpa agreed to swim me out there, so if I got into trouble, he’d be there to help. We got into the water and started to swim. The water was crystal clear, and I could see fish scatter when I stretched my arms out to them. It was so peaceful, and I had never felt more happy. Suddenly, my grandpa stopped. I really don’t remember why he did, but he was an old man, and I don’t think he could swim out too far. I didn’t really care, I just wanted to get to that trampoline. When I got there, my grandpa was pretty far away from me, but he wasn’t keeping a close eye on me. I happily swum around the trampoline, trying to find a ladder or something. There wasn’t one. I don’t know if I didn’t look hard enough, or it was just too big for me to climb up. I must have swum around it ten times, just looking for a way up. In the process, I have exhausted myself. I didn’t realize it, but I was in danger of drowning.

I decided to call it quits and just go back on land. I began to swim back toward my grandpa, who was minding his own business. But as I got closer to shore, it really didn’t seem like I was getting closer at all. Today, I believe I was caught in a rip current. I live near the beach, and us kids were taught how to deal with rip currents, but I hadn’t learned then. You have to swim with the current, not against it. I was clueless. I swam harder. It did nothing. I could feel my strength leaving me like gas erupting from a broken pipeline. I began to bob in and out of the water, coughing up water and sputtering words of utter nonsense. My grandpa didn’t even notice that his only grandson was about to die, on a vacation he invited me to.

I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even try to stay afloat any more. I was young, but understood that I was going to die. I gave up. I let myself sink. As I gazed around in the water, a dark shape shimmered towards me. Good, I thought. A shark to come and make this even worse. But it wasn’t a shawl. It was a man. He grabbed me by the hand and yanked me to the surface. The first thing he did was ask me if I was okay. I replied with something I don’t remember, but I do remember my first good look at my guardian angel. He was a muscular man, probably very tall if he were on land. He had a crew cut, and sunglasses on. He wrapped me in his arms and took me to my grandpa.

I don’t think my grandpa even noticed at all. He just smiled at the man and swam me to to shore. As I looked back, I realized I hadn’t even thanked the man. He had already rejoined his girlfriend, who Wass hugging him and praising him for saving me.

The rest of the vacation went smoothly, nothing bad happened. We got back to Florida and flew home. We actually flew home just in time to avoid a hurricane. Today, I think back to that day in Mexico whenever I look at the ocean, or into the clear water of my bathtub. The memory will always be there, lingering over me and haunting me in my sleep. I have no clue who you are, but if this story ends up in a video, and you watch it, I want to thank you, he who saved my life. I owe you more than God can give.

As a final suggestion, please stay safe in the water. You never know hat could happen. I didn’t, and that still scares me…

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