How I may have almost died from a psycho kid at the bus stop

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I was in 3rd grade during the time  and this event had happened to me after I had moved into a new negirborhood. The setting of where I had lived can be described as moving from a desert neighborhood to a neighborhood that is mostly what famailkes are living in now. After the few couple of months of being in the neighborhood it was mostly peaceful with living there, until one morning that had changed my life.

Me and my sister who was in the 1st grade had been walking towards the bus stop and waited with the couple of kids who were there. During the time my sister was talking about something that I can’t remember as of now but out of nowhere this kid who had blond hair,  and looked some what chubby during the time had came close to me and puted a needle close to my head.

I was frozen in place and wanted to scream but something had me stopped in place while my sister was screaming my name but just stood at her spot. I somehow was able to walk again and my body started to walk back a couple of steps from the kid with the needle who was stepping closer to me, also to note the other kids at the bus stop were just watching g as it happened as well. For what felt like a hour the bus has came by to which the kid with the needle had stopped and puted the needle away while the kids who were watching just got on the bus as well with the kid who had threatened me with the needle.

I was paralyzed until my sister suddenly shook me and told me to hurry to the bus.

I quickly did what my sister told me and got on the bus. I sat on the first seat that was close by the bus driver with my sister seated with me as well. I hoped to not deal with the kid and I assumed after we got him that some of his friends didn’t see me or my sister once we were on the bus. I did what I normally to do during the school , to which after school I got on the bus with my sister and we saw the boy and his friends seating in the back looking at us.

We just told each other that we could tell our parents after the bus had dropped us off. Once the bus dropped us off we just ran like if our lives depended on it and got to our house in five mins.

Once we got in I automatically cried to my parents and they were of course worried of what happened to which me and my sister had told them everything about the event with the boy that had threatened me with the needle.

After this, from what I can understand is that my parents had told the parents of the kid about the event of  the day( this had happened after two days later), to which the parents stated that they will talk to their kid about this. After this everything just went ordinary for me and my sister.

We saw the kid but he didn’t bother us, to which he left after a few months later.

This event had changed my life as a kid, to which we had moved after 1 year later ( I was in 4th grade while my sister was in second grade during the time), before we had moved there were other strange things that had happened while we were in the neighborhood, but I’ll save that for another time.

It has been 9 years now since the event had happened in 2007 and I hope that if the kid is listening or reading this that I hope we do not meet again.

Thank you to the readers or listeners to had taken the time to hear about my story and thanks to DarknessPrevails for allowing me to post about my strange bus  encounter with the kid. Goodbye and I hope you all have a good day.

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