My House Was Haunted By A Demon!

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Hey there what I’m about to say is 100 percent true, and I know many people say this but I swear this is true I still remember it so clearly so let’s begin.

This was during the summer of 2017 and I was 14, it all began when my granddad died and we took the car he died in our garage because my uncle did not want it! so everything is alright for the next couple of days until one day my grandma goes downstairs around 7:30 am and sees that all the windows are opened, which for me as really strange because the way my windows are is that they are two in one so you have to open the inner one to open the outside one.

This really made my grandma scared because she said it might be a demon! now here’s the thing about my grandma she is Bulgarian and very religious.

But my mom told her to calm down cause it was probably me or my brother or sister. But it was NOT. The next night nothing but on the 3rd night my mom woke up to someone choking here and she said she felt like it was someone with the pure passion for darkness, like a demon. Now, this got my grandma really scared so she went to her own house which now her daughter in law lives with her son.

Now here’s where it gets really freaky, well the way my house is situated we live in a small village in Bulgaria and its surrounded by deep, dark forests which you can get lost in. But we have neighbours beside us like there around 1 acre apart from us and the closest town is around a 10-minute drive and the closest city is around a 20-minute drive so if someone was going to murder us it’ll take the police 20 minutes because the closest town has no police!

And the last thing I want to say is how our house is laid out, so our main floor has no walls between the dining room, kitchen, and living room except for our bathroom.

our basement is really creepy because I just am always cold down there and my mom never lets us down there (she plans to lock the basement door and throw the basement door key away) and the second floor has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

So lets continue with the story so as usual nothing happens after my mom felt like someone was choking here but the night after that me and my brother who are thirsty want to go downstairs but we are scared so we decided to go together and we get our water and quickly run until our plates and glasses start falling and smah=shing into the ground but none can hear except for me and my brother!

We quickly run as fast as we can upstairs and run into our bedroom. the next day we tell my mom and she is really scared. So she calls our local priest and he starts cleansing our house but he says something powerful lives here with us and my mom asks what kind of thing lives here with us and he says a demon who feeds of our fear! So he blesses our house and says may god be with you and banish this demon and he goes away.

That night nothing happened and we thought it was over but my oh my how we were wrong.

The next night we experienced the most horrifying thing the demon started shaking me and my brother’s bunk bed and I and my brother were crying as loud as we can and my mom rushed in and it stopped. So she got really pissed at this demon and got out an Ouija board from out basement which was locked but she kept the key and she only told me and my brother to play while my sister slept.

Since I loved watching horror stories on youtube I knew what to ask so I said what is your name DEMON and it replied and said Atanas which is an old Bulgarian name and my brother asked it how did you die and it replied fire (BTW ALL MY FAMILY KNOWS ENGLISH), and then my mom asked it a question what do you want from us and it said life. So we quickly said goodbye and it said goodbye and we called the priest again and he did and an exorcism n our house and we had nothing bad happening to us which is great!

Thank you for listening I know this was a very long story but hopefully, you learn not to mess with Ouija boards and believe in the supernatural because its real!

Please dont use my real name! Btw i have more stories.

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