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It all started on October 19th, 2014. I had started an Instagram account and was fooling around on it. I took a picture of a mannequin dressed in the same thing as Creepypasta Slenderman.

I posted it to Instagram and immediately got a comment.

It was from a girl who I didn’t remember following. I forget her username now, but I remembered her saying my photo was hilarious. It was nice to hear the comment.

I followed her and liked all her photos. She would always direct message me and talk with me. Again and again she would comment on my photos, but one day I got very scared. My photo had her tagged on it. I didn’t know or tag her.

I clicked on her account from the tag and Instagram crashed. When I went back on I couldn’t log into my account. I went to school the next day and everyone stayed away from me and started telling teachers about my presence.

It was very weird. I was taken to the principals office with my mother and the principal told me the pictures on my Instagram were scaring everyone. I asked my best friend after to show me what was on there.

He flipped to my Instagram and I saw brutal, graphic pictures of crime scenes and murders.

It was gut wrenching. I called the police and asked them to investigate. They somehow managed to search the girl up that hacked my account and it turns out she fled her house. Inside her house was numerous bodies of which the Instagram pictures showed.

I was never able to get back on my Instagram but when I go to view it all I see are selfies from the girl and how she’s leaving the country. Most of the kids in my school don’t believe my account was hacked by this mysterious girl.

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