Horrifying Lyft Encounter

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So, I like to party pretty frequently so I’d use Lyft and other apps like that.

On this particular night, I was at a party of my friends and I was with one of my good friends, Luke. I was pretty wasted so I decided I’d better go home. Once I found my friend he looked like he couldn’t even drive.

So, I decided to use Lyft because I didn’t know anyone else at the party.

After about 15 to 20 minutes a dark bluish pick up truck pulled up. This car looked so old and rusted though. But I didn’t put to much mind to it because you know maybe he was trying to make some cash to get a new car. I walked up to the car and hopped in.

I said, “Hello”. But he didn’t say anything back. Keep it mind I am about 5’6 and 145 pounds so I was always nervous about using Lyft, Uber etc.

I noticed the man was about 6 feet tall and he loomed about 50 to 60 years old. He had long black hair that went down to his neck. He smelled horrible and had very dirty clothes. I told him my adress and we started driving.

He went the wrong way but I wasn’t very worried.

Then, I noticed we were getting deeper and deeper into the country and we were going down dirt roads that I didn’t recognise. I was starting to get worried. He was getting faster and faster and faster. Then in the back seat I saw ropes, tape and other things like knifes and gasoline. Oh god, I had to think of something fast. I thought about stabbing him with the knife. He was going faster and faster.

Suddenly, something inside me made me grab that knife and stab his leg.

He groaned loudly. He stopped and I opened the car door and ran into the woods next to the road. I hid behind a large oak tree. He got out still groaning. He screamed, “When I find you I’m going to I’m going to feed you to my dogs!” I was horrified. He started walking but it looked so horrifying. He started laughing. His laugh was so deep and made me shiver in fear.

He walked into the woods. I grabbed a large stick to protect myself.

He walked closer and closer. When he was next to me I knocked him in the head with the stick. I was so glad I hadn’t drank to much.

Because my drunken state was starting to go away. I ran to the car, And I drove off so fast. I looked back and saw that man standing in the middle of the road screaming. To this day, I still remember these exact details and am horrified about them. I’m warning you, always be cotious when on Lyft or Uber.

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