My Horrible Gamer Online Story

This story happened only 3 days ago. I decided to put this on the internet so I could quickly forget about it . Now I have a lot of online friends that I’ve met mostly on this game called fortnite.

This will be important later on in the story. Now 3 days ago I got a text from an unknown number I looked at my phone and was horrified.

The text said to go kill myself or he will kill me and boot me offline. Of course i didn’t believe him until my friend send me a photo and when I looked at It my heart skipped a beat.

It was a picture of my room and I was sleeping. My friend then send me another photo and it showed a letter saying my name. It said my name I started freeking out now I don’t wan’t to post any pictures because of privacy reasons . So far I think someone form my friends gave me my username to a booter and a stalker which will relate to something later on in the story. I called the police when I did the police said that they couldn’t track the username because the person must of turned off their Wi-Fi permanently.

Something was wrong though he was playing fortnite as I filled the report and the cops were dumb founded. The cops are still searching and nothing has turned up yet if anything comes up I’ll post an update but for now I not able to use my ps4 because it keeps turning on and off 24 hours a day and I’m starting to wonder if this so called person is real or not.


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