Hogs hogs hogs

It was 2015 in December in Texas I was 12 at the time. Me and my family were at our lease having fun talking and generally having a good time.

Me and my nephews went in to the woods to our camp to escape having to do chores. We stayed there till nightfall and by that time it was just me and my second oldest nephew Levi. We were storing everything away and gathering all the tools.

Once we got done with putting everything up we got the tools that could rust  and left. When we got the the opening we heard a hog two feet to our left and it sounded huge and angry.

Right when we heard it we threw all the tools at it and ran as fast a we possibly could to the camp. While running we were flashing our flashlights at it and I swear I heard it right on us up until we got to the light. Ever since then i’ve watched  Where i’m going and found a new bound hate for hogs.


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