Himalayan Apparition (Horror stories from Asia)

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About two summers back, I voyaged to a few countries on a backpacking trip, my last stop being India. I’m sure you can imagine the raw beauty of India, but also the darkness as it is a poverty stricken country.

About a week into my stay, my friends and I took a bus from New Delhi to Manali in the Himalayas. I should preface by saying that I tend to be more skeptical when it comes to all things paranormal, as I was born and raised Messianic Jewish and was here on a missions trip, though this doesn’t make me any less of a fan of horror stories.

Arriving in Manali, I absolutely loved it. It was mountainous, the locals were friendly and the backpacking community there was awesome; I just threw myself right into my environment. My friend and I shared a room at a hostel right at the end of Old Manali.

On about the second or third night there, I decided it was time to shower before turning in for the night.

In India, the shower is not separated from the rest of the room like it was back home in America. It was just a water spout on the wall, which meant I could see directly into the mirror above the sink in front of me when I would shower, which understandably freaked me out a bit. As I was finishing up my shower, I turned off the water and reached for my towel before looking in the mirror.

Looking up, it took me a few moments to really process what the hell I was staring at.

There, behind me in the mirror, was a tall, freakishly pale humanoid thing with long black hair hunched over walking around. I frooze.

I threw on my towel and noped the hell outta there to get my friend. I breathlessly explained what had happened to me. Terrified, I was unsure of how someone could possibly get into the bathroom, as the window in there is barely big enough for me to fit my head through, and there was no way someone could get in without my friend seeing them first.

We both inched to the bathroom only to find nothing.

My friend seemed like she wasn’t really surprised at the matter, while I, on the other hand, was freaking out. She explained to me I probably saw a Rakshasa (female, Rakshashi), which is a demon in Hindu mythology. What I saw pretty much fit most of what Rakshasa/i are described as in folklore. For the rest of the trip, I absolutely despised showering in that hostel. I’m glad we only stayed in that part of the Himalayas for only a few more days. Rakshashi, let’s never meet again.

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