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I was in a residential psych facility for mental health. I was 15 at the time and severely depressed. I wasn’t like the other girls and boys at this treatment facility. I was quiet, shy, and kept to myself. The other kids were loud and violent and had to be kept from other kids because they would either fight someone or try and stab them with whatever they could get their hands on.

In this facility, you had to go to school in the same building you lived in. In my class room, there was 4 girls including myself, and 11 boys. The boys were all violent and talked to themselves and were paranoid. There was this boy, Jordan, who I really liked. He wasn’t like the other boys, he was like me. Quiet, shy, and kept to himself.

We talked whenever we got the chance because the girls and boys weren’t allowed to interact until breaks or lunch time.

Jordan and I started talking everyday. He was sweet, funny, and caring.. or so I thought. He and I began dating after a few weeks of getting to know each other. That’s when everything changed. He became aggressive towards me when nobody was around. He would verbally insult me and make me feel really insecure. It even got to the point where he began to stalk me.

One night, in October of 2016, I was allowed to go around campus by myself and have some alone time for an hour and a half. After about 20 minutes of walking around campus, Jordan came out from behind a building, and blocked my walkway. I asked him what he was doing and politely asked him to move so I could continue my walk.

He refused. He began accusing me of cheating on him with my roommate (who is a girl and I don’t like girls more than friends.) and I denied his accusations. I didn’t cheat on him, not even once. He pulled me behind the building and dragged me into the woods near campus.

I asked him what he was doing and begged him to let me go back to capus. I didn’t want to get into trouble and I’m the kind of girl who is really good in school and is a role model. As he pulled me further into the woods, he came to a stop. He pulled me up to from the ground and asked me why I was there.

I said I had no idea. What kind of kid does something like this? He said I had sinned because I had a sexual relationship with a girl and because I cheated on him. I swore to him that I never cheated. I don’t like girls sexually and I told him that. He went behind a tree and pulled out some rope. He shoved me to the ground and tied my wrists together and tied my body to the trunk of the tree.

Thats when I truly got scared. He kept calling me a bitch while walking in circles. He pulled out a knife from his back pocket and I screamed. I begged to him to please let me go and I’d never tell a soul about what was happening. He kept saying that you can’t trust sinners, and that they’ll sin and sin until they get what’s coming to them.

He pulled my face up and forced me to look at him. He said he was sorry and that he had to do this. I was thinking, do what? He pulled the knife up and cut my left cheek. I screamed and tried to put my hands up to stop the blood, but I couldn’t since he had tied them together. He was about to cut me again when suddenly a staff facility member tackled him to the ground.

He was cursing at me and telling me that he was giving me what I deserved and that I had to die to save myself from my sins.

I asked the staff member how he found us. He said after he noticed I was missing, he and two other staff members began searching around campus. As he got closer to the woods, he heard me scream. He walked quietly towards Jordan and I and when he saw that Jordan had a knife, he sprang into action. When he saw Jordan was about to cut me again, he tackled Jordan to the ground and radioed for the two other staff members who escorted him away.

He ended up getting sent to a high security psych ward, and I heard he isn’t getting out anytime soon. It turns out he was in treatment for paranoia and unhealthy obsessions with girls. He had  kidnapped a girl before he was sent away, and had done the same that he did to me. He was never charged for her case because they dropped the charges.

I was discharged by my parents and am back home now. I don’t like to walk alone anymore, and I haven’t dated anyone since, and I think I’ll be single for awhile.

Everyone, I wouldn’t date someone while in a residential psych facility. Kids are always there for a reason, even if they seem normal. Be cautious while walking alone. You’ll never know who might take a chance and take you. Always be safe.


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